Day 4: President Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team was Superb

I didn’t see all of it, but what I saw was brilliant and exposed the Socialist Dems as liars and hypocrites for the world to see.

In fact, one could argue that the Democrats have done a great service by bringing this phony unconstitutional impeachment trial because there was so much shown on Day 4 that most Americans have never seen before— important facts—because the fake news has been hiding the truth from the country for over 4 years.

But, they succeeded in further driving a wedge to divide America, and maybe that was their goal.

Trump’s America First! followers will be more energized and eager to, shall I say—Fight back—after the crass and shameful attack on Donald Trump and on us!

To warm you up, see this bit of footage the lawyers for our President showed:

And, if you didn’t see it live yesterday, you should make watching the day’s legal arguments a priority this weekend.

Trump’s legal team eviscerated the Democrats.

Some great video showing the hypocrisy of Pelosi, Schumer, Raskin and the rest, was displayed in the first hour.  Some here at 46:20 and again at 57:50 (more throughout the day’s legal arguments).



The trial should wrap-up today, and once again President Trump will not be found guilty.

We will be watching, however, to see how many Republican Senators ignore the Constitution and the FACTS, display their hatred of the man (and us, his supporters), and vote to impeach Donald Trump.

If you find individual clips at Youtube for the various longer clips used by Trump’s lawyers, send the links my way.  We should have them handy to use throughout social media for years to come!

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5 thoughts on “Day 4: President Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team was Superb

  1. Ann, I didn’t watch it because I’m still working on the podcast material about my Dad’s homicide…we’re taping on the 18th.
    I saw some comment about Niki Haley….She -like Kammie -was born in a foreign country…then brought here by her parents. By law she can never be President. She joined in with Gowdy and OOObio in 2016 as never trumpers…. then she gets the job at the UN…I knew Trump was making a mistake to send her there….or maybe he was just trying to rid of her out of American politics .
    I heard some negative comment about her the other day where she was dishing President Trump. She did not support Trump in this election. She is no better than the other Never Trumpers today.

    When people like her and Kammie come here from foreign countries, they’ve already been indoctrinated by their foreign parents. When she took down the Confederate Flag…not understanding the history of the flag…many men gave their life on both sides for a cause they believed in.
    It was never about slavery…it was about States Rights…and we are seeing today the Obama/Biden Presidency with a laundry list of how they intend to take away our freedoms….hiding behind the Covid farce perpetuated by the Globalists.

    Once Haley took down that flag…it taught the others that it was go time to start tearing down statues (our history) …I think it started with a Statue in Louisiana….then it spread across the country…because they knew they could do it…..

    We have to get our kids re-educated about our history-at home. I suggest buying Rush Limbaugh’s books for children about the history of our countries.

    1. I wouldn’t vote for her, but Nikki Haley was born in South Carolina. I don’t think she has foreign ways; she’s like a lot of Republican politicians who don’t want to stray too far from the Uniparty. It takes courage for a politician to stand up for Trump, and she doesn’t have courage.

  2. Excellent footage. They even missed quite a few like when Comrade Harris talked about the riots should not stop and they will and should continue. I hope the Democrat Biden voters watch this day because I purposely could not watch the first 3 days. It would have made me vomit to see the lying going on.

  3. As I heard our President Trump’s legal Attorney speak and all of my conceived thoughts along the way through the daily mimic’s of Trump, I am one who is so pleased to have my views confirmed! They were so on target with open speech in front of all in that court room, in front of the world. And the silence was so thick, one could hear a pin drop.

    To Donald Trump; There is nothing more beautiful than you when the wind catches your bangs ever so lightly as you talk about our America! You have opened your home and heart to people. You and Melanie – I wish you the life and magic of your dreams be seen again!

    1. Laura, please be sure to send that to President Trump even if you have to snail mail it to Mar a Lago. Or tweet it to Don jr and tell him to pass it on to his Dad. It is beautiful.

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