“Conservative Momma” asks very important question!

If Biden got over 80 million votes, the most for any presidential candidate in history, then why are they so worried about Donald Trump running in 2024?

As I have been saying, ridicule is the most powerful peaceful political weapon.  Use it!  Conservative Momma does!

It is very difficult to appear powerful when one looks foolish!


And, check out her impersonation of “Circle Back” Psaki…



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2 thoughts on ““Conservative Momma” asks very important question!

  1. Another thought is this: If indeed, Biden did win the election with more votes than any president in history, why are the Dems not parading around their huge MANDATE ? Why aren’t they announcing how America loves open borders, ( and bringing in refugees during a global Pandemic-it just doesn’t get any dumber than that) puts all our lives at risk. So why don’t they look like the so-called “winners” that they are? Historically, they always used the “mandate” narrative against the losers to push through unpopular legislation.

    1. Very good point. I haven’t heard that ‘m’ word one time. And, building fences with barbed wire around the Capitol building sure isn’t something legitimate winners would do!

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