Biden’s New Plans to Boost Refugee Numbers, Wants 62,500 by September 30th

Prospective new Americans waiting at Dadaab the largest Somali camp in Africa, waiting for Chairman Joe to send the planes for them!  In case you didn’t know, this is where the UN selected Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for us.


The extremely unpopular 125,000 number, he now says, is for FY 2022 that begins on October 1, 2021.

However, he wants 62,500 immediately!

He must consult with Congress, but that is pro forma because they can’t stop him (nor would they!) under the Refugee Act of 1980.

See my post at RRW the other day (below).

For the time being I will mention important refugee news here as so few people are reading RRW (I lost thousands of readers when I was deplatformed there), and I think most people must believe that Trump took care of the issue.  He slowed the flow for a few years, but left the program completely intact.

All it needs now is a fresh infusion of your money, your tax dollars!

Pinned Post: Personal Story From a Reader Reminds Me! It is now up to YOU!

Your fight is going to be a local one!

The only thing you can do is to look out for your own communities and fight the plans to place more impoverished people in your towns and cities. How do you do that?  I have ideas from past experience.  If you are really interested ask me by commenting to this post and I’ll see how much interest there is in a tutorial of sorts.

(See maps here for present resettlement sites in the US.)

Most of your governors are too weak, too chicken and in the pockets of big business, so they won’t stand up to the Dems who run Washington.

You need to know this information.  It is going to happen more quickly than I had envisioned.  In less than 8 months—62,500!  And during the Chinese virus crisis to boot!

I am guessing this move is to get the federal money flowing to the contractors*** in anticipation of the largest number of clients (they do refer to them as clients!) they could see in over 4 years. 

From the AP at the Baltimore Sun:

Biden wants to raise refugee admissions to 62,500, quadrupling Trump’s record-low limit

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden wants to raise refugee admissions to 62,500 for the current budget year, overriding former President Donald Trump’s record-low limit of 15,000, a U.S. official and others said Thursday.

The official and others with knowledge of the plans spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

Trump set the ceiling on refugee admissions in October when the 2021 budget year started, and it runs until September 30. Biden’s proposal of 62,500 would replace that, and the president has already announced plans to raise admissions to twice that amount in 2022.

Biden plans to top anything St. Obama ever did in terms of refugee resettlement! 125,000 would do it!  Would be the highest number in nearly 3 decades.

Biden is said to have wanted to raise refugee admissions immediately but not set the target as high as 125,000 people because that would be unrealistic to reach this year with the coronavirus pandemic and the work needed to rebuild the refugee program that had been largely dismantled by the Trump administration.

Biden by law must submit his proposal to Congress and consult with lawmakers before making a presidential determination. The U.S. State Department confirmed that it sent the president’s report to Congress, starting that process.

Putting Refugees before the well-being of suffering Americans!

***For those of you new to Refugee Resettlement, these are the nine federal refugee contractors who worked to put Biden and Harris in the White House and are lobbying for millions of illegal aliens to be transformed into legal voting citizens, as well as raising the refugee admissions ceiling from 15,000 this year to 125,000.

They are largely paid by you, the taxpayer, for their work of changing America by changing the people, and in so doing, are putting Americans last!

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17 thoughts on “Biden’s New Plans to Boost Refugee Numbers, Wants 62,500 by September 30th

  1. Ann, I would love to learn more about what I can do in my community to prevent resettlement. Thank you for everything you do.

  2. Yes, I’d like to know how to prevent refugees from resettling in my area.

  3. I’d like to know more about how to fight back against refugee resettlement

  4. I would be interested in a tutorial of some kind. I live in Amarillo, Tx which I’m sure you know has large numbers of refugees due to Catholic Family Service. No one but me seems to know it’s a front. Ignorance is rampant here along with the big plants and wanting cheap uneducated labor. I don’t know how to not come across as racist, which I am not, but I am an advocate for common sense in immigration.

  5. Since the big steal is having a bright light shone on it, the libs will need other ways to insure a dem win in years to come. A steady stream of invaders will provide this very thing. Too sad. We must protect our own communities from this travesty.

  6. These are our replacements. If Biden continues with his asinine immigration policy, Hell, bring in 500 million Middle Eastern American hating Muslims and slaughter all the Christians. And then the Sand people will turn on the Dummycrats and slaughter them too and end up with the United States of Iran.

  7. Ann, thank you for all you do as an American Patriot. I am so concerned that Biden’s warp speed refugee plan will create more crime than even during BO terms. I would love to find out what I can do locally and if you post a tutorial I would be appreciative. You are a blessing and I am so thankful for you.


  8. I live near Minneapolis and in a very blue state but would love to know what to do to stop this. Here are the numbers of people naturalized in Minnesota. Here are the numbers for the calendar years below:
    2012 – 11,949
    2013 – 10,278
    2014 – 8,874
    2015 – 8,257
    2016 – 8,732
    2017 – 8,244
    2018 – 8,662
    2019 – 17,144
    2020 – 8,713

    New voters for the dem party. The only way we fight this is at the local level.

    Thanks for all you do, Ann!

    1. Anna, I haven’t read it, but I hear Powerline posted a piece that basically said it would be best to move from Minnesota. I know that sounds harsh and perhaps unrealistic, but they were saying Minn. is pretty far gone now.

        1. I don’t live in MN, but Anna, a reader who commented here apparently does and might be interested.

  9. Thanks to all of you who would like to know more about what you can do where you live. Let me think about how best to get the information to you. Maybe I will write an article that will be posted in my sidebar and update it as we go along. I might post it at Refugee Resettlement Watch. Will let you know as soon as I get something up.

  10. Here’s a thought. Why not turn the tide on all this Immigration and instead of the Refugees voting for the Dems have them Vote for the Republicans? Use their own influx of people against them. We need a plan to do that. What kind of plans or ideas can we think of to implement, is there any information we can harness to do this?

    1. Actually there are some refugees who have been here for awhile who are leaning conservative mostly I think due to social issues and how the Dems are completely over the edge on that front. However, the number who come from countries where they expect the government to take care of them are still the majority. Eventually a party with someone like Trump leading it could sway more to the Republican side, but we are at least 4 years from that. I am still a strong believer, at this moment in time, that we just have to work hard on the local front so that we don’t lose even more political ground. It is fun to think about big concepts but it can distract from getting to work at nitty gritty LOCAL political organizing.

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