Visit Donald Trump’s Save America PAC, Hear Directly from The Man!

If you support the MAGA movement and President Donald Trump, become a member of his new Save America PAC. 


But, you don’t have to be a founding member (yes, contributor!) to see the President’s press releases.

LOL! You can tell by the wording of this one about Karl Rove from yesterday, that this is definitely Trump’s voice.

Who needs Twitter!  This is just like his tweets, only wordier!

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

(March 4, 2021)

Karl Rove has been losing for years, except for himself. He’s a RINO of the highest order…


Karl Rove’s voice on Fox is always negative for those who know how to win. He certainly hasn’t helped Fox in the ratings department, has he?

Never had much of a feeling for Karl, in that I disagreed with so many of the things he says. He’s a pompous fool with bad advice and always has an agenda.


If the Republican Party is going to be successful, they’re going to have to stop dealing with the likes of Karl Rove and just let him float away, or retire, like Liddle’ Bob Corker, Jeff “Flakey” Flake, and others like Toomey of Pennsylvania, who will soon follow. Let’s see what happens to Liz Cheney of Wyoming.

For a laugh, there is more.


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3 thoughts on “Visit Donald Trump’s Save America PAC, Hear Directly from The Man!

  1. Karl Rove is a lifelong member of the Bush Cabal…I tagged that many years ago. The Bushs are life long New World Order stooges. I never believe anything he says….nor a Bush.

  2. Ann
    Amazon says your book
    Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America is not available
    Is there another source?

    1. Interesting. It was published by the Center for Security Policy so they likely are no longer publishing it. It is kind of outdated now. You might even be able to read it for free at the CSP website. I’ll have a look.

      Frankly all you need to know is that the Hijra is the Islamic doctrine of immigration and Muslims are instructed to migrate to make the whole world Islamic. They are working on it! And, that is why they love the refugee program!

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