Gateway Pundit Amusing as it Daily Highlights Leftwing Insanity

Every day, sometimes a couple of times a day, I amuse (and inform) myself by seeing what is new at Gateway Pundit blog.  This morning I wanted a good laugh and GP did not disappoint.

Did you know the COVID crazies are refusing to give up their masks even as the CDC (science!) tells them it is okay to do so.

One especially unhinged “Covid Cultist” says that not wearing a mask in public is going to signal that the bare-faced person is a Republican!

This is what I don’t get. If a Leftie is fully vaccinated and trusts the vaccine science then why are they worried about getting the Chinese virus from a maskless person?

“You Can Pry My Mask Off My Cold, Dead Face” – Covid Cultists Go Berserk After CDC Updates Mask Guidance, Big Box Retailers Drop Mask Mandates

According to GP, even as Walmart is getting rid of the mask mandate, Nancy is going to make members of Congress keep theirs.

I wondered if that was because she has an entire closet full of masks to match her outfits—an investment in time and money!

Pelosi Ignores CDC Guidance, Requires House Members to Keep Wearing a Mask


And, now here is a story that gets a bit more serious, but is extremely interesting.  Did you know that Joe Biden has a short fuse and that The New York Times is writing about it?

I wondered a couple of things.  Does a short fuse go along with dementia as the sufferer doesn’t fully understand what is going on around him or her?

And, then I figured this might all be part of building the case to move Harris into the White House and send Joe to home confinement.

Report: Biden Has a ‘Short Fuse’ — Goes on Profanity Laced Tirades at Aides


Finally, these brilliant anarchists and George Floyd fans couldn’t even get the right house with their slaughtered pig blood and body parts vandalism.

Three Women Arrested for Vandalizing Former Home of Chauvin Defense Witness With Animal Blood, Leaving Severed Pig Head on Doorstep

Gateway Pundit didn’t have pictures of the three Lefties, so I went looking for them.

Here they are at Bring Me the News Minnesota:

Charming aren’t they!

I was heartened by this story and the ones above.  We can win this! These Lefties are unhinged laughing stocks and not very bright either.

Head on over to Gateway Pundit for more!

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6 thoughts on “Gateway Pundit Amusing as it Daily Highlights Leftwing Insanity

  1. The un-hinged left and criminals in Congress demand we follow “the Science” and demand compliance when it’s fits what they want to do. But when science changes along with the facts….they command compliance to what they want even it it’s AGAINST Science! Masks are a sign of fear and compliance…sheep waiting to be led.

    All this was never about the virus….it was and is about building complaint and weak people to follow their dictates.

    I will go to my grave believing this virus was purposefully created and purposefully spread….everything I saw at the beginning points to it. Also, in February 2020 we always got the week’s deaths from the flu…..every Friday night.

    Since then….we’ve never heard a flu death count….only the Wuhan Virus.
    We have to surmise that the virus CURED THE FLU.
    OR, the the powers that be saw the power of the virus and could get billions more treating the virus than flu…ergo….flu became the virus.
    They quickly realized how they could control Americans by scaring us to death with the Wuhan Virus….it became the boogey man to control people and business.

    Now that the Globalists know it works…look for more in the future.

    And Liz Cheney is a Chicom….her husband works for a firm that has very strong ties to China. When she attacked Trump and pitched her fits, her bank account swelled.

    Her Pappy, Dick Cheney, was a huge tool for the Chicoms and the Globalist Bush Cabal.
    The nut never falls far from the tree.

    I wonder where she will pop up next? 2024? Is that her longtime goal? She will fail after what Republicans saw in this witch. It would be like voting for the next version of Puklosi. NO THANK YOU!

  2. Most Americans don’t realize it, but the vast majority of illegals crossing the border carry no identity documents and even if they did, they wouldn’t be reliable. Most coming across are from countries which are notorious for bogus ID.

    What this means is the Border Patrol is providing each and every single illegal processed US government issued ID in the name, DOB, and nationality of their choosing.

    The agents have no time to challenge them on any of the information. So someone who committed a murder in Guatemala can simply become a Honduran with a new name, and DOB. Unless they have been previously arrested in the US, there is no fingerprints on file in America.

    How’s that for national security!

  3. If you want another belly laugh take a look at the comments below the article on the Providence, RI drive by shooting.

  4. Ann, I am commenting on your speculation that a short fuse (as in Biden) may go along with dementia. I had a very elderly aunt in a nursing home, and would chat with family of other patients. It appears that alzheimers can cause a significant change in personality. One woman claimed that her mother had always been angry and irritable, but since developing alzheimers, had converted to being passive and friendly.
    My relative changed but that was due to prednisone, which often causes paranoia amongst several other awful side effects. If I had been in charge of her care , at the time of the prednisone treatment, I would never have allowed it. Never.
    But yes, personality changes are not unusual in dementia patients per my conversations with other caretakers.

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