Cross-posted from Refugee Resettlement Watch: How RINOs Undermined the President

Watch Neumann with Jake Tapper at CNN as she tells him how he makes us less safe because of his “divisive language.”

Yesterday I wrote about Elizabeth Neumann, a former Republican big wig at the Department of Homeland Security who claimed she supported the President initially because she is pro-life, but decided to work against him because he cut back on immigration and talked mean “racist” talk. Talk, she says, that makes America less safe.

So much for her devotion to life as she actively worked on behalf of pro-abortion Biden/Harris, making innocent babies less safe. See here.

Neumann has described herself as “first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ,” and her 2016 decision to vote for Trump as “primarily because of the pro-life issue.”

She subsequently re-examined her earlier convictions (?) and concluded that admitting 125,000 refugees a year is more important than babies!  She claims America is safer when we open our borders.

I’m posting this here because I am not sure how many of you see Refugee Resettlement Watch and because I have a category here specially made for posts like this—political rats.  That is a category I originally made when I wrote about the Lincoln Project, but it has come in handy.

Anti-Trump RINO Pushing Biden’s 125,000 Refugees-a-year Agenda; says it will Strengthen America

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3 thoughts on “Cross-posted from Refugee Resettlement Watch: How RINOs Undermined the President

  1. She’s a steaming pile of RINO dung, America is sadly littered with these pasture patties. This speaks to the appeal and support of Trump among citizens, think of what we overcame in his being elected twice, only a committed and treasonous ruling class could (temporarily) stop us..

  2. I know people are entitled to their own opinions, but for a Christian to switch to Biden despite his unqualified support for abortion and to declare unrestricted immigration to be a value that trumps her abortion concerns seems willfully stupid.

    All these Christian women who supported Biden because they were offended by Trump’s mean tweets need to take a good hard look at both their values and their own judgmental attitudes. I would love to see how any one of them would respond if put in a public position and then subjected to incessant false accusations and lies from every quarter. How nice would they be if their children and husband were jeered at? Would they just roll over in the face of what they knew were lies? Would they smile and say polite things to people who wanted to destroy them, who displayed images of their severed heads and crowed over them, who said outright that they deserved to be murdered, who threatened to ruin them financially by dragging them through a court case on trumped up charges?

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