Colorado Congresswoman: Tear Down this Wall!

“It’s time to cut the crap!”

(Rep. Lauren Boebert)

I love this, this is what America First! Republicans look like!  Watch and get it out to your friends quickly in case Twitter removes it!

***Update***  Greg Kelly at Newsmax featured this video and talked with Rep Boebert last night.  She is phenomenal!


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3 thoughts on “Colorado Congresswoman: Tear Down this Wall!

  1. Representative Lauren Boebert, I’m going to remember that name and get right behind her.

  2. That’s one fence that is going to stay.
    Banana Republics need defending from the people.

  3. his is the kind of spines all so called Republicans should all have. Do not let Pelosi have a moments rest fight, fight, fight.

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