Real Journalism from a Hispanic Comedian, Watch Dr. Fauci Squirm

Leo Hohmann posted this incredible video at last evening and while I should have been working on a post this morning on another subject, instead I couldn’t take my eyes off this video (below).

See my post yesterday where I showed polling data that indicated that 30% of the US adult population is in the ‘NO’ column when asked if they would get THE Shot. Latino’s topped that number as 37% indicated they are a NO.

The 37% of both sexes in the Latino cohort is eclipsed by Republican men who say NO at 49%, and white, not college-educated men at 40%.

Fauci Calls Out Trump: Tell your people to get THE Shot!


Dr. Fauci actually gets asked real questions from a real journalist, and his answers may surprise you

Fauci must have been expecting softballs as he gets from virtually all of the US mainstream media.  This will make you laugh!  (Well, maybe not if you already got THE Shot.)

Among other things, did you know that even with the shot you could be an asymptomatic carrier of the China virus?

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6 thoughts on “Real Journalism from a Hispanic Comedian, Watch Dr. Fauci Squirm

  1. I listened to several minutes of this (BTW, for me it cued up way at the end for some reason) and yes I love that this guy is asking Faucci f/u questions, but I am not an advocate of being able to sue companies for every little thing. IF godforbid we really did have a plague that was wiping out swaths of people I wouldn’t want companies to be constrained. I would have been MORE interested if this guy asked Faucci who was benefitting financially from the vaccines and how HE (Faucci) AND our govt was connected to everything incl the Wuhan lab.

    1. I got a notice from Rep. Delaney who will be hosting a call with Dr. Fauci on the 22nd, and he is asking people to send questions! Did you get that notice from Delaney? Maybe you can ask your questions!

  2. I put it on my Facebook page and a private page. I’m waiting to see if it is taken down.

    1. Thanks, will be interested to see what happens. But, I’ve been ‘testing’ facebook on the vaccine and on stop the steal at my facebook page and have yet to be warned.

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