An 'Asylum Seeker' in Maine Says the Congolese Want Houses; Question Where is our Money?

Update August 5th:  Be sure to see my post yesterday on Prince Pombo’s assertion that the Twitter account in that name is a fake account.  We learn he has a different last name.
Update/Correction (maybe):  I haven’t had a chance to look into this story but it appears that Prince Pombo says that someone made up a false Twitter account with his name.  Hmmm… Here is the Portland Press Herald story.  Prince Pombo Mafumba was shocked to learn that someone had done this.  I’ll report more tomorrow….
The money Prince Pombo is talking about is the $850,000  (give or take a few thousand) that generous do-gooder Americans have sent for the care of the African asylum seekers who arrived recently (and unexpectedly!) in Maine after illegally crossing the US southern border.
(See all of my previous posts on the migration of the DR Congolese to Maine by clicking here.)
And, so you don’t forget, we have admitted 50,000 from the DR Congo through the US Refugee Admissions Program and thousands more through the Diversity Visa Lottery which begs the question: couldn’t they wait their turn for legal admission to the US? 
Apparently not, and this story (hat tip: Frank) about one of their spokesmen—Prince Pombo—raises even more questions.
He says he traveled for three years after leaving the DR Congo. He even lived in Brazil and married a local woman there.  Why didn’t he ask for asylum in the safe country of Brazil? or any other safe country he entered over those three years?  Fishy, very fishy!

Prince Pombo and wife
Prince Pombo wants a house.  Here at the Portland Expo with the woman he married in Brazil and their child.  Why didn’t he ask for asylum in safe Brazil?

First have a look at this story about how Mr. Pombo got to Maine.
And, you will see below that “professor” Pombo gave a TED talk in 2018.  Hmmm!
Screenshot (1057)
With a Ted Talk audience, Prince is not your ordinary poor refugee looking for a home!  Political activist maybe?

Then see that the Portland City Council debated recently about how to spend the pot of money kind Americans sent for the poor struggling Africans.  And, see that the Congolese want out of the Expo where they are presently housed.  (But this isn’t happening fast enough to suit Mr. Pombo, as you will see as you continue reading.)

Immigrant community leaders say asylum-seekers ready to leave Expo


Members of the Portland City Council will meet Thursday night to discuss how to spend $850,000 in donations to help asylum-seekers who have come to the city.
The meeting of the council’s Finance Committee is the first to look at where to spend the money. The full City Council will eventually have the final say.
Committee Chairman Nick Mavadones said the donations are a welcome addition to the $200,000 the city had originally budgeted for aid for asylum-seekers.
“When the city put out the request for people who were interested in to participate, it was about housing, shelter and basic necessities, and that is what the intent is, to pay for the costs associated with that,” Mavadones said.
The city is also counting on an infusion of state funds to reimburse some of the costs of staffing and serving the people who have been staying at the emergency shelter at the Portland Expo.
Last week, Gov. Janet Mills announced changes to general assistance rules to allow the state to help asylum-seekers.
Leaders of the city’s immigrant groups spoke at City Hall Thursday afternoon to send a clear message that asylum-seekers are ready to leave the Expo.
“They are willing to relocate, and they are willing to go whenever they are sent because any place is better than what they have at the Expo,” Prosperity Maine Executive Director Claude Rwaganje said.
The city faces an Aug. 15 deadline to move asylum-seekers out of the Expo. Thirty families in the greater Portland area have volunteered to take some of the asylum-seekers into their homes.

But they want their own homes says Mr. Pombo on his Twitter account (guess he has a phone at the Expo)!  They feel that the money is theirs!
In case you are wondering that is a flag of his HOME country on this new American’s Twitter account. And, although he speaks in broken English I think you can figure out what is going on here.

Screenshot (1058)
This is a screenshot so links are not hot!

Screenshot (1059)
Screenshot (1060)
The vast majority of migrants from the DR Congo are not Muslims, but some in this bunch must be or they wouldn’t be demanding Halal food.
Ahhhh! The joys of diversity…..
Again, See all of my previous posts on the migration of the DR Congolese to Maine by clicking here.

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14 thoughts on “An 'Asylum Seeker' in Maine Says the Congolese Want Houses; Question Where is our Money?

  1. Meanwhile, true Maine patriots have to run away even to faraway Tasmania: my family is so happy to welcome our magnificent Maine coon refugee here Down Under (thanks God, there are no Somali coons around our borders – or are there?)

  2. Good Lord!
    Such arrogance and contempt for OUR country..
    They forgot to ring the doorbell..AGAIN.. Please go back home Prince, or at least, back to Brazil..

  3. Good Lord…Look at the tweet link(s) for this arrogant SOB..
    Get the hell out of my country..

  4. This is nuts! He is demanding to be given a house in Portland, and a hotel room with a room service bringing him halal food. He has not offered to work for any of it. He feels entitled to free everything! A group of people who feel entitled to be treated like kings, may turn violent when they don’t get their way. Who lead him to believe that if he came to. America, he could just live in style off the taxpayer?

    1. The word is out in Africa that Portland Maine is where they need to go. Portland offers welfare/housing to asylum seekers which is not the policy in most places in America. According to law, asylum seekers are not supposed to access welfare until their asylum case has been heard and approved. But, Portland is an exception and all of Africa is learning that!

      1. This was going on in 20012, when I was hosting my weekly radio program at the time..
        I interviewed the city manager, after he, as well as the mayor – at that time – came under fire for publicly putting a halt to the Somali invasion of Lewiston, spearheaded by the UN and the US State Dept.
        A rust belt town of 50,000 people became 51,000 overnight, and their annual City budget(s) were busted almost immediately..
        Then came the media outrage nationally – and the accusations did fly. Then cam the demonstrations, picket signs, and what we have there today is the result..
        An appropriate line from the movie, ‘Hoosiers’..
        ‘Look, mister, there’s… two kinds of dumb, uh… guy that gets naked and runs out in the snow and barks at the moon, and, uh, guy who does the same thing in my living room. First one don’t matter, the second one you’re kinda forced to deal with.’
        Lewiston has not dealt with it at all, just like my home state (Not For Much Longer) of Minnesota.. They all just swept it under the rug.. There are now very dangerous people, and international parasites they have ALLOWED to be IMPORTED into their ‘living room’..

  5. I believe there are a LOT of people that made their way into our country illegally prior to the border surge over this last year. They are now taking advantage of the border crisis to claim asylum, if they indeed have claimed asylum, to stand up and take whatever they want and can get from the gullible Americans.
    If he was here for a 2018 TED talk then he’s been around for awhile.

    1. He may have done that talk from another country. I’m not that familiar with those talks, but I’ll bet they do them elsewhere.

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