Would You Let These Women Put Dental Tools in Your Mouth?

I’m posting this story from Georgia because you have to laugh sometimes!  
Honestly, regular old run-of-the-mill fraud—food stamps, Medicare, charity, and so forth— is what I expected to be writing about when I launched ‘Frauds and Crooks’ in January, but the numbers of serious crimes and murders perpetrated by ‘new Americans’ caught me by surprise. And, it can get pretty distressing.
When I saw this story, thanks to reader Robert for sending it, I figured we could lighten up and laugh for a change.
Fake dentists!

fake dentists 3
The ‘dentist’ on the left is in the country illegally. Photo at Fox 5 http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/police-2-charged-with-practicing-dentistry-without-licenses


This story is from the Atlanta Journal Constitution,

2 Cobb women accused of running unlicensed dental practice for 9 years


Two women are facing felony charges after Cobb County police said they had been operating a dental practice without a license for nearly a decade.
Bianca Zambrano-Blanco, 35, and Carolina Rojas Morales, 40, were both arrested Tuesday, according to police spokeswoman Officer Sydney Melton.
Cobb police opened an investigation into the practice in January after a woman, identified in an arrest warrant as Lina Banciu, said she received a botched root canal there.Banciu’s husband, Ruben Banciu, told Channel 2 Action News his wife was recommended to Morales through word of mouth. The woman wanted to save money and agreed to undergo the procedure when Morales told her it would only cost $500, the news station reported.
However, Banciu was in pain for days after the procedure. According to her husband, she drove back to the practice and demanded a refund. When she got there, another patient there was in tears with a swollen face, Banciu told Channel 2.
An arrest warrant obtained by AJC.com accuses Morales of doing Banciu’s root canal improperly and causing irreparable damage to the woman’s tooth.
Investigators found records that indicate the unlicensed practice dated back as far as 2010, Melton said. Police found numerous victims.
Morales was booked into the Cobb County jail, where she is being held on a $25,000 bond, records show. Zambrano-Blanco was also booked into the Cobb jail, where she is being held on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer.

I guess this is an example of the immigrant entrepreneurial spirit that the New American Economy says is helping to bring economic boom times to American towns and cities. Right?

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5 thoughts on “Would You Let These Women Put Dental Tools in Your Mouth?

  1. We have had a few immigrants posing/ working as doctors in the NHS. One did it to impress his rich future in laws to accept him ! Literally your life in their hands.

  2. Well…You’ve got to give them credit for becoming yet but another..”rules?…I don’t believe in no stinking rules’ democrat-socialist-Marxist’ just like our Ilhan (AKA: Elmi) Omar..
    Welcome to ‘Third World America’, thanks to the ‘No Rules & No Border’ policies of the loony lefties currently occupying OUR country, and the democrat debate stage – for the debates from hell – demonstrating their plunge to the depths of Marxist depravity in America today..
    ‘Licence?…I don’t need no stinking licence’!!!

    1. …And, all of the above is the good news right now.. Sadly..

  3. Hi! This is what happened to Danbury Connecticut about 25 years ago under the Bush administration. The Illegals come in and do jobs without licensing, under charging the licensed people, but doing below standard work. They would destroy neighborhoods by renting a house and then packing it with forty people or more. They would destroy the house by rewiring it below standard and this caused many houses to burn. The neighborhoods, the whole town had been perfectly safe, but these illegals turned it from one murder in 17 years, to one every day. Now the town is just a central distribution point for opioids to the north east. Thanks W. Bush!

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