Busted in Tennessee: Somali Students Ripped-Off College to the Tune of $114,000

Just so you know that Minnesota isn’t the only place in America where refugee contractors and the US State Department salted a Somali population, Tennessee got them too!

This is the kind of story I was thinking about when I first began this blog!

To counter the ‘new American’ fluff stories I wanted to show that some of those migrants, supposedly simply “looking for a better life,” are actually getting a better life at great expense to us, both financially and culturally.

Lately I’ve been distracted by so much news involving political frauds and crooks, so it’s good to have a reminder of why this blog came into being.

From The Tennessee Conservative (hat tip: Gary):

Pair of Middle Tennessee Students Accused Of Stealing $114,000 From University


Two Middle Tennessee State University students have been charged with stealing more than $114,000 from the university.

Refugee poster boys: Mohamed Gure, Mohamed Osman. Almost all Somalis in America came as refugees, or they are the children of refugees. More like Gure and Osman will soon be on the way to Biden’s America.


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced Wednesday that Mohamed Gure and Mohamed Osman were indicted by a Rutherford County grand jury for fraudulently obtaining student activity fee payments from the university over a three-year period.

The Tennessee comptroller’s office, which helped TBI with the investigation, said Gure and Osman stole $114,145 between November 2017 and November 2020.

Gure was charged with one count of theft over $60,000, one count of theft over $10,000, 30 counts of forgery and two counts of criminal simulation. Osman was charged with one count of theft over $60,000, 28 counts of forgery and two counts of criminal simulation.

The comptroller’s office said Gure and Osman were presidents of MTSU’s Somali Students Association when they submitted at least 85 false invoices for reimbursements totaling $82,200 of student activity fee funds. Many of the invoices were for payments to nonexistent vendors, the comptroller’s office said.


“MTSU should ensure its Student Organizations and Service Office carefully reviews supporting documentation before reimbursing student organizations,” Comptroller Jason Mumpower said in a statement. “Our investigators also noted several instances in which MTSU officials were not following their own guidance when processing reimbursements.”

Gure and Osman were arrested and booked Tuesday into the Rutherford County Jail. Gure’s bond was set at $60,000, and Osmon’s bond was set at $50,000.

Middle Tennessee State University is located in Murfreesboro, 33 miles from Nashville. The Somali Student Association facebook page is here.

Did any of you have any idea that public colleges (funded by taxpayers!) were shelling out this kind of money for student organizations?

I have to say that some of these ‘new Americans’ are clever scammers, but not quite clever enough this time!

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9 thoughts on “Busted in Tennessee: Somali Students Ripped-Off College to the Tune of $114,000

  1. They likely will just fly home before trial. Trials are so white supremacist and all.

    1. I know your comment is tongue-in-cheek! But for those who don’t know that, in the case of the Somalis their religion tells them its okay to rip-off the infidel.

      By the way, your comment also reminded me of the many trolls who would arrive at RRW in the early years to tell me that white Americans committed crimes too. My answer was this: I don’t write about American criminals, but you could write your own blog about American crooks, murderers and rapists because we believe in free speech. Have at it! I even told them I would announce the creation of their blog. Never heard from them again.

      1. Yes I was being facetious very similarly to the author of this blog. The liberals miss the point that we do not need to import MORE crime into our country to add to the american criminals. We bring them here to give them a better life and the turn around and stick a knife in our backs. Same goes for the illegal aliens flooding the southern border. We do not need to add to our already high drug use, crime rates, rapes, and unemployment. These kinds of crimes are preventable, stop the importation. We cannot export the white and black american criminals, they are born here.
        Sharia law is another story. Most muslims want sharia in the US. Get their numbers up and they will have their way.

        Women will have NO rights under that system. An aside All should Read Trevor Loudon’s 9 steps to save America. https://www.wethepeopleconvention.org/articles/trevor-loudon-s-plan-to-save-american-from-socialism

  2. Thanks for this, Ann. I am currently residing in TN due to my Dad’s homicide case.

    I had a revelation this morning while I was having breakfast. I looked up at the TV and the pictures were of people pouring in across our Southern (and no bought our Northern border.)

    They are not just from Mexico….they are from all over the world. Different languages. Different levels of violence. Different levels of belief systems…worshiping many “gods”.

    And it immediately came to me…THE TOWER OF BABEL!

    All of the Evil people in our government taking over our country are building a new Tower of Babel!
    We won’t even know our country in less than 6 months.

    People butchering bleating goats in the back yard and grilling the smell all over the neighborhoods……FMG taking a huge leap up….customs that are barbaric to us.

    Flooding into 0ur grocery stores and demanding types of food that we find disgusting. if the stores don’t carry it…The Feds will step in a force them to stock it.

    Pop up vendors setting up their wares on sidewalks obstructing the walk ways. Upticks on purse snatching.

    A huge uptick in sexual assaults…on all ages and both sexes. Because in their countries that is normal?!

    And immigrants flooding our medical offices where you might have to wait a whole day to be seen…. if you get seen at all. And new third world diseases. Obama allowed people with a very virulent strain of TB … ask them Indiana how that worked out for them.

    Most people will be guaranteeing on their own without being told.

    Millions more dollars of paying for interpreters in Court and schools for those who don’t speak English.
    Schools so over packed, no child will be educated….total chaos…..and so much more.

    While the “elite” will live in security protected enclaves with private doctors…And Gates builds a wall around his massive land grabs.

    That’s what came to me when the vision of THE TOWER OF BABEL appeared to me.

    All thanks to the Obama/Soros/Biden gang.

    I’M SICK AND TIRED OF MY TAX DOLLARS GOING TO EVERYONE ELSE, BUT AMERICA AND AMERICANS. I especially despise the politicians getting paid with our tax dollars to destroy our country.

    1. I totally agree, Carol. I can see it already in the foreigners buying small businesses, gas stations, et al. Every store has the sickening smell of incense hanging inn the air. If anything good ever come of all those interlopers pouring into America, perhaps it will be that black Americans and white Americans will join hands and hearts to close those walls!!

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