Moving Gang Wars from the Middle East, Africa, Central America to Your American City

That is the issue raised by Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review yesterday, thanks to reader Stephen for bringing it to my attention.

Horowitz raises a troubling subject that surely you have become aware of, and if not, you should pay attention now!

Headlined, “Importing both sides of Middle East gang wars into OUR communities,”  Horowitz features Somali gangs in Minneapolis.

(Somalis are from Africa, but we won’t quibble over geography especially as we are also bringing all of the Islamic fighting factions of the ME here as well! I’m digressing but where is the wisdom in bringing Iraqi Sunnis and Iraqi Shiites, which have been killing each other for centuries, and placing them in the same US cities?)

Mahad Ali charged in the murder of Mustafa Ali in “Little Mogadishu” Minnesota.

And, consider that mass migration isn’t just adding violence to OUR neighborhoods, but every one of these crimes costs us enormous amounts of money for law enforcement, lawyers, courts, interpreters and incarcerations of the ‘new American’ criminals.

Here is just a bit of the post, read it all for more information and to follow links:


“Prosecutors have charged a teenager in the shooting death of 25-year-old Mustafa Ali last week, in the latest sign that an ongoing conflict between rival East African gangs is spilling into north Minneapolis.”

Those are the words of a Star Tribune article from last week describing the latest gang-on-gang attacks within the Somali community in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, gang-on-gang violence is not exactly a newsworthy story in America, but what should concern us is that we are importing both sides of pre-existing gang wars from half way around the world. All those who are promoting mass migration and refugee resettlement from every war-torn Middle Eastern country don’t want you to study what has already happened in our own communities as a result of their policies.

In the case of the aforementioned homicide of Mustafa Ali, it’s believed to have stemmed from a fight between the “Somali Outlaws” and “1627 Boys” gangs. Unfortunately, this is nothing new for the Minneapolis area, at least not since it became Little Mogadishu beginning in the 1990s.


We’ve brought in roughly 130,000 Somalis since 1993, most of them through the refugee program. At least 30,000 initially settled in the Minneapolis area, and their population is now close to 74,000. They have turned out to be one of the most problematic immigration groups we’ve admitted in recent years, with the local U.S. attorney and a federal judge observing a pervasive terror recruiting problem in the greater Minneapolis area with “its tentacles spread out.”


Americans wake up every day thankful not to live in other countries that are plagued by violence and poverty. Unfortunately, over time, thanks to irresponsible mass migration, the vices of those countries are brought in to live in their own neighborhoods without their say in the matter.

More here.

I could just as well have posted this news at Refugee Resettlement Watch because the vast majority of Somalis in the US came as ‘refugees’ thanks to the UN, the US State Department and its resettlement contractors, but RRW hasn’t recovered its readership since the speech police removed it from the internet this summer, so I figured more of you would see it here at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’

Please check RRW every day because, refusing to be censored and not to be intimidated, I am writing there on most days!

By the way, we do thank the President for trying to give local people a say in the refugee resettlement process, but we must be honest and tell readers that the recent Executive Order mentioned by Trump at a rally in Minnesota, won’t do that.

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4 thoughts on “Moving Gang Wars from the Middle East, Africa, Central America to Your American City

  1. Yep! This is life in Minnesota now..

    With secondary migration stampeding toward Minnesota from other US cities and states now, in addition to immigrants from other ME countries, for ultimate “Sharia-style’ blanket protection provided by our MN Governor Walz, and out-of-control MN Attorney General Keith (aka’s ‘X’ – ‘Hakim’ – ‘Mohamed’) Ellison, with CAIR MN camped out in OUR MN Governor’s Office (‘Governor’s Transition Team Member’) now, Minnesota is in deep trouble today. This may now be irreversible..

    EG: The last Saturday night of the Minnesota State Fair this year, ‘9 Somali GANGLAND fights (intentionally orchestrated in my view) broke out all over the inside of The Fair – BUT WITH GUNS THIS YEAR, as opposed to last year at Valley Fair Amusement Park (Valley Scare), where 100 of these ‘young adults’ (Somali Gang Lander’s) caused the park to need 6 police departments – MN State Troopers – a police helicopter to evacuate 15,000 out of the park – Sept 22nd, 2018), staged on ‘Law Enforcement Appreciation Day/Evening…of course. There is much more of this going on every day here now, and too much to recount here..

    Then there was the St Cloud Tech High School Gang brawl just a few weeks ago, and one week to the day, after the phony “Dismantling Hate Crimes’ panel discussion was cancelled in the AM of the scheduled 6 PM event..and cancelled for very suspicious reasons.

    Back to this year’s MN State Fair 50 Somali Gang riot with a gun or guns recovered.. Nobody’s talking much, of course, and only one TV station covered this story (See: KSTP TV and reporter Jay Kohls). The “Great Minnesota Get Together’ wasn’t so ‘GREAT’ this year I can assure you, AND, like the Valley Fair Amusement Park, will never be the same ever again.

    Meanwhile, MN AG Keith Ellison, and MN Human rights Commissioner Lucero, are touring the State with their ‘Shame The White Nationalist(s) Minnesotans Tour’, they call ‘listening sessions relating to THEIR DECLARED HATE CRIMES EMERGENCY in Minnesota, blaming all those racist’ Minnesotans and ‘Islamophobic blasphemes’ for the crime of ‘NOTICING’ the actual atrocious and IMPORTED barbaric behavior demonstrated routinely from this ‘community’ of ‘new Americans’, and their questionably intact offspring.

    Minnesota is now a 3rd world style war zone now, and getting worse by the minute.

    We need Federal authority intervention quickly..

  2. PS… I filmed this weeks St Cloud State Univ. Ellison/Lucero/and the former ‘White Nationalist-former Chicago Neo-Nazi Skin head – Christian Picciolini.. It was quite the circus..

    It was like an AA meeting on bizarro-world steroids, with 200 or so trained seals as audience members, and the Minnesota media types lapping up every word, while refusing to question the insanity being presented

    No one seemed to take notice of the fact, that Ellison openly supports a quasi-domestic terror organization, called ANTIFA..

    What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing actually..

    Just a part of the misdirection play..

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