West Virginia Update: Hugs by Police for Man as he Heads Home to Egypt

What a coincidence!  The Egyptian man who only a week ago was charged with attempted kidnapping of a child in a Huntington, WV area mall, was already scheduled to leave the US for home prior to the incident.
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What happened to the job we are told he had here in America?  And, what happened to the family members we were told greeted him with hugs when he was released from jail after the young woman who claimed he touched her child supposedly backtracked on the story?
Didn’t the police at one point say there was a “cultural misunderstanding?”  Now they are saying that NOTHING happened!
And, if the young woman goes to court, no attorney will be able to question the Egyptian man?
It looks like the only hugging at the Charleston airport was between the police and Mohamed Zayan.  

Only Mohamed Zayan (left) is identified in this photo. We presume a couple of those men are police officers who accompanied Zayan to the airport. But why aren’t they all identified?

My GUESS is that someone from Washington called down to the local authorities and said ‘make this go away.’
From West Virginia Metro News,

Man returns home after charges dropped in Huntington Mall incident

BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. — The Egyptian man arrested at Huntington Mall last week on an attempted abduction charge who had all charges dropped less than 72 hours later is back home in Alexandria, Egypt.
Barboursville Mayor Chris Tatum said Monday on MetroNews “Talkline” Mohamed Zayan, an engineer who was working in the area, was already scheduled to return home before the mall incident.
It was some kind of week for Zayan. He was charged last Monday after Santana Renee Adams called 911 and reported Zayan had grabbed the hair of her 5-year-old daughter and attempted to drag her away and he only stopped when she pulled out a gun to threaten him. Adams recanted the story a day later and all charges were dropped against Zayan by Thursday. Adams was arrested Friday on a charge of of falsely reporting an emergency.

Barboursville Democrat Mayor Chris Tatum

“No touch, no gun, no nothing,” Tatum said about Adams’ story.

At a police press conference referenced in my earlier post the police were sure that some kind of touching did occur.
Indeed where did the idea of a “cultural misunderstanding” come from? Those are surely not the words of the young mother.
Now the mayor says nothing happened?

Tatum said Zayan is a nice man. He said there were handshakes and hugs when he was told all charges were being dropped.
Barboursville police worked with Yeager Airport officials Saturday to make sure Zayan had no problems boarding his flight. A few officers made the trip to Charleston with him, Tatum said.

Why should he have had any problem boarding his flight?  Was his passport and paperwork in order? Was he in the US legally?  Then why the need for officers (out of uniform) going with him “to make sure he had no problems boarding his flight?”

Sorry, but there is something we are not being told about this whole story. Maybe one day someone will feel badly enough to tell us exactly what did happen.
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11 thoughts on “West Virginia Update: Hugs by Police for Man as he Heads Home to Egypt

  1. The Muslims are taking over and have been since Obama was NOMINATED. There are far more of them than we can even imagine and we’re just sitting around ready to be conquered.

  2. What is with this “CULTure” and their obsession for molesting children?..OR women not wearing the headdress of the oppressed? OR…anything with a pulse?
    My male German Shepherd has far better impulse control..
    Just wondering..

    1. You might find John Guandolo’s website informative: http://www.understandingthethreat.com
      The Quran & Hadith are very clear that these actions are completely acceptable when an infidel is involved. “Convert or I’ll kill you”. Women and children are always enslaved (sex slaves) after the men who will not convert are murdered… in the name of Allah, of course.
      Thomas Jefferson’s experience with the Barbary Pirates (Muslims) is eye-opening. Nothing has changed since then except the willful ignorance of Americans.
      The importation of Islam into this nation is a major factor in its ongoing demise (the loss of faith by Christians makes it a lot easier for Islam to be imposed).

  3. It seems that these 2 had a relationship and the bio father wanted to take the child back to Egypt but the mother did not agree. So he probably threatened her if she didn’t drop the charges. Just my detective mind. Muslims usually take the kids if they want them and the mother has no rights. We will be watching this story. I wonder what the Egyptian’s job was here in US? Lots of questions. Thanks Ann for keeping us up on it.

    1. I hope we will be watching this story and that it hasn’t all been shoved down a black hole!

  4. After reading further news stories, it says there were no witnesses (in Old Navy??) and the video footage told another story. But still the questions about why he had to be escorted to the airport and hugs all around? Was he a spy for the Feds?

  5. He never touched the child. There is surveillance footage of the whole “incident”, hence the woman’s arrest for making a false report. I can only imagine what MAY have occurred, which is that he may have made a complimentary remark concerning the girl, blonde hair is a big deal in North Africa. Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, those countries have a culture which is very family oriented and children are very much loved and adored. It is not unusual for strangers to make friendly comments with each other about any chidren present, or to make goo-goo eyes and smile at babies.
    This guy apparently already had plans to go back “home”, and the event was made a big deal over by the police, probably as a friendly gesture toward the poor man.
    About cultures: Each country, even country areas have distinct cultures. South Moroccan culture differs from Northern Morocco. Egypt differs from Libyan, and so on. Saudi culture is almost diametrically opposed to Moroccan.

    1. Wishful thinking I suppose, but I hope one day someone tells us what really happened here.

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