Fox News Attempts to Explain why Minneapolis Somalis became Jihadists

Okay, okay, I’m at least thankful that a national cable news outlet is finally getting around to the US Somali refugee radicalization problem that has been going on for at least twelve years, but I want to scream about how long it takes for the national media to catch up with serious issues like this one.

Ilhan Omar capitol
Don’t shut her up!  Let Rep. Ilhan Omar keep talking because she is helping to educate more Americans about Islamic supremacist views.  If it weren’t for her, this Somali terrorist story at a major cable news site would never have been published.

And, I guess we should be thankful that Ilhan Omar was elected to Congress, because her words and actions have become a focal point (a news hook) for stories like this one.
I honestly think she does us a great service by being in Congress—let her keep talking!
I can’t and won’t write a book here, but everyone should take time to read the Fox story, and to read about my trip to Washington in 2009 when I attended a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on the radicalization of Minnesota Somalis.

You will see that the FBI brushed off the idea of any Islamic connection and spokesmen testifying were fixated on their main point—the poor disenfranchised refugee “youths” were going back to defend Somalia from Ethiopian aggression (Move along, nothing to see about a broader reason for jihad recruitment).
Who headed the FBI in 2009?  Robert Mueller.

And, by the way, Senator Amy Klobuchar never set foot into that hearing room that day even though she had constituents testifying!

Not a surprise that Klobuchar wants nothing to do with any suggestion that her Somali voters could be terrorists or have a radical agenda.  Watch her pander!

Here is how the Fox News story begins,

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – More men and boys from a Somali American community in Minneapolis have joined – or attempted to join – a foreign terrorist organization over the last 12 years than any other jurisdiction in the country.
FBI stats show 45 Somalis left to join the ranks of either the Somalia-based Islamic insurgency al-Shabab, or the Iraq- and Syria-based ISIS combined. And as of 2018, a dozen more had been arrested with the intention of leaving to support ISIS. Both numbers are far higher than those of alleged terrorist wannabes who left or attempted to leave the country from other areas in the country where Muslim refugees have been resettled.
In the case of the Somalis, it’s no longer just the men. Early last year, a female was apprehended by authorities on charges of supporting providing material support to Al Qaeda and arson.
So what has made the area such a hotbed for such activity? And what has been Rep. Ilhan Omar’s record in addressing the issue – either before she was elected, or since?
The answers matter because federal authorities say they remain “highly concerned” about the terrorist connection with the Minneapolis Somalis – even though al-Shabab is struggling against the Somali government, and the so-called ISIS “caliphate” has crumbled under a sustained U.S.-led military campaign.
“We are very conscious that there may still be fertile ground for that, and that is could re-start at any time,” one federal official told Fox News. “Based on historical experience, we had (an uptick) in 2007 and 2008 going for al-Shabab, then a lull. Then, as ISIS came back, we saw a whole bunch of people no longer headed for Somalia. They were headed for Iraq and Syria. That really caught us off-guard, we didn’t see that coming. It didn’t make sense to us. We understood why kids were going back to Somalia, but going to Syria was another we (sic) issue.”

I can’t tell you how much that last paragraph above pisses me off! 
The reason they were surprised is that they had completely focused, during Robert Mueller’s tenure at the FBI, on the idea that the kids were only going home to fight for Somalia, not as jihadists for Islam!
Read the rest of the Fox story, here.
And, again, here is the link to my post on attending that Senate hearing a decade ago! If you are really ambitious, you can read dozens of my posts (beginning in 2008) on the “missing Somali youths” here at RRW.

question markNow what do you do?  Help spread the Fox News story and while you are at it send out the 2-minute video showing Klobuchar pandering to her Somali fans.


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15 thoughts on “Fox News Attempts to Explain why Minneapolis Somalis became Jihadists

  1. Open Letter to ALL Minnesota legislators & to America:
    Denial is NOT a river in Egypt.. It is an extremely dangerous syndrome..
    None of you, by way of this short sighted and lazy thinking, can outrun the problems you have brought to Minnesota and right into the laps of the average Minnesotan.
    ..Just ask the FORMER MN State Rep. Phyllis Kahn.. After 40 years in that seat, AND AS A LIBERAL ICON in the Minnesota House of Representatives, she lost the pandering contest to Omar in the primary..
    With “SECONDARY MIGRATION” stampeding toward Minnesota NOW, due to other US States having the good sense to cut off – or – cut back WELFARE benefits to these not-so-upstanding people, the 2% of Minnesota’s population these people NOW represent here, and which exists today, will be 4% to 6% before you can say Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox..
    Add to this mix the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF STOLEN MINNESOTA TAXPAYER DOLLARS ANNUALLY FOR THE LAST 10 TO 12 YEARS, by this “CULTURE” of Barbary Pirates (of the 149 Minnesota social services being mismanaged by MN DHS) (likely $600 Million to $700 Million Dollars in the aggregate EVERY YEAR – AND STILL GOING ON, with no end in sight) – and COVERED UP by our past and present MN Governors – past and present MN AG’s – MN DHS personnel / including the so-called “Inspector General” (more like “inspector Gadget”) – MN County Attorney’s like Mike Freeman in Hennepin County – AND ALL OF YOU, having allowed all of this to be swept under “The Minnesota rug of Shame”…and what we have here is the beginning of the end for Minnesota, and your political careers as well.
    Add to all of this the insane 3rd world – FAILED TERRORIST STATE of Somalia style, crime and violence, which has been ALLOWED TO BE IMPORTED into Minnesota, and ignored daily now, by YOU, as well as far too many connected to MN Law Enforcement, the MN Courts, and The Public Authority, NOT concerned any longer for PUBLIC SAFETY nor “PUBLIC HEALTH”, and what we have here is a disaster..
    ..EG: My grandchildren were caught up in the “Valley Fair” ( Valley Scare), 100 Somali Gang riot this past September, which required 6 police departments, MN State Troopers, a police helicopter, and first responders, to stop the rioting and to EVACUATE 15,000 PARK ATTENDEES OVER THE COURSE OF AN HOUR AND A HALF.. ONE HUNDRED RIOTERS!!
    ..EG: ..The Mall of America is ALSO now UNSAFE as well today..a place I used to chaperone my children’s Minnehaha Academy classmates, to have FUN at “Camp Snoopy”, back then, when life was normal in Minnesota, and NOT a GROWING war zone.
    …The list of “No-Go-Zones” and dangerous places here grows daily now in Minnesota..
    What we now have here is the most amazing (not-so-fun)game of the high stakes “LIARS POKER” in the history of Minnesota, and it cannot end well.
    “Ostrich Syndrome” defined.. “When YOU (we) bury your heads in the sand 100% of the time, YOU (we) expose another part of your anatomy 100% of the time”.. Well? Now, YOU have put my life, and more importantly, the lives of my children and grandchildren at risk. ..There you (we) have it…
    So, go ahead and pander to the “community” of “Grifters”, Scammers, Con Artists, and the likes of “huckster”, and MN CAIR director, Jaylani Hussein (filed 360 lawsuits in Minnesota in 2017 alone – against MINNESOTA businesses and Minnesotans), rabid long-standing and unapologetic, Anti-Semite, Ilhan Omar (supporter of terrorists – and even “life insurance death benefits for terrorists”), MN Attorney General, Keith (AKA’s: “X” – “Hakim” – “Mohamed”) Ellison, and so on – and on – and on – and on it goes, in exchange for VOTES.
    See how long that fairy tale continues for each and every one of YOU, WHO CHOOSE TO IGNORE THIS REALITY facing ALL Minnesotans today. ..Just ask Phyllis Kahn..
    …Just look at Western Europe, the UK, and Australia, if you want to see our future, IF nothing is done about this challenge facing ALL of us now. Try Sweden perhaps…”the rape capital of Europe” today..
    A little clue for Minnesota: In the past 4 years alone, $65 Billion Dollars of personal wealth has exited Minnesota PERMANENTLY. Businesses like Electrolux have left as well, along with others also – and some have simply closed their doors.. Minnesota home owners, in more than a few towns in Minnesota (Willmar – Minneapolis – St Cloud – Waite Park – and more) CANNOT SELL THEIR HOMES now, because no one wants to live in a war zone, or in a dangerous Third World Minnesota pit of depravity…
    Since I have seen no groups of wide eyed Lutherans, Presbyterians, Catholics, LDS members, Jewish congregants, Methodists, and the like, engaging in all this barbaric behavior, mayhem, violence, and repeated general Anti-Civilization activity as WE know it, such as the Anti-American, Anti-Minnesotan, behavior at Valley Fair (“Valley Scare”) this past September, chaos at the Mall of America, Attacks OF WOMEN 3 days in a row in June of 2016 at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis (Threats of “Kidnap and Rape”), and elsewhere in Minnesota, I am forced to draw a logical and simple conclusion or two here. …It is not the average Minnesota, which is the problem here.
    Is it… Racist? Islamophobic? Xenophobic? Hater? Anti-Immigrant? NOPE! Just common sense and survival instincts and survival skills at work here..
    We are now referenced nationally as “The Grand Central Station” for “Radical Jihadist” (TERRORIST recruitment) for the entire U.S..
    And, I can make a fairly solid argument to support that FACT that Hundreds of Millions of STOLEN Minnesota Taxpayer Dollars STILL GOING ON – and being COVERED UP), have been TRACKED, and wire transferred (International Money Laundering / Organized Crime), and stuffed in suitcases as well, and ending up in the direct hands of Somali Terrorists IN SOMALIA, (Boko-Haram – al-Shabaab – ISIS), and the result is as follows:
    …On June 8th, 2018, 26 Year-old Special Forces Staff Sgt. Alexander Conrad (SEE THE ATTACHED) was KIA fighting along side his 500 brothers (and sisters perhaps) in arms – out of Ft Bragg, NC – along side coalition forces, FIGHTING THE VERY SAME PEOPLE IN SOMALIA, and LIVING IN MINNESOTA today, AND supporting this terrorism with Minnesota taxpayer Dollars. In short, WE killed this brave trooper from Arizona. way of our lazy thinking, and our procrastination, and per our collective Minnesota DENIAL of the truth here..
    In the end, this is not “Minnesota Nice” at all.
    It is Minnesota cowardice!
    It is Minnesota lazy thinking!
    It is Minnesota carelessness!
    It is Minnesota lawlessness!
    It is Minnesota stupid!
    …And it is Minnesota DANGEROUS!
    That is how it all became the 3rd world hell hole Minnesota has NOW become..
    I also completely agree with Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali…Hopefully, our next U.S. Ambassador candidate to the United Nations.
    Keep talking Ilhan.. Also, Klobuchar – Emmer – and Ellison ARE also the problem for Minnesota..

  2. When my friends scream that Ilhan Omar must be silenced, I say, “oh no, keep her talking!” She makes our case much better than any of us could ever do! LONG LIVE OMAR!

  3. Ann,
    Thank you for continuing to expose this problem in MN. I live in the MPLS suburbs and the real crime is in the classrooms.
    My personnel conversations with educators from St. Cloud to Brooklyn Park has a common theme. The many of the “class room disruptors” are the Somali children and it’s a constant repeat offense. The things I was told would make anyone seriously think of home schooling. I was shocked to hear the abuse the teachers take. It’s down right criminal and the teachers have no recourse.
    The teachers get ZERO help from the parents.
    Please keep exposing MN! As you know, the media here covers it up.
    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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