Tweet about Jussie Smollet Good for a Laugh

I wasn’t planning to say anything yet about the Jussie Smollett attack story (surely you are following it) and the Nigerians involved until there was a final resolution to the investigation now many are labeling a hoax.

Jussie Smollett
Smollett (center)

However, when reader Cathy sent me this tweet, I couldn’t resist posting it.
If Nigerians are famous for anything, it is for scams and frauds perpetrated on us—American citizens and taxpayers.
If you don’t know that yet, keep following Frauds and Crooks because I have many stories about Nigerian fraudsters in my queue ripe for posting.
Too funny!
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JackPosobiec at twitter

And, by the way, I wonder if we will ever find out how the Nigerians came to be living in the US in the first place.  Are they here legally or illegally?

question markLooking for something to do?  If you aren’t already involved using social media, get involved. As much as it is maddening sometimes, it is the only way we can get past the Leftwing media’s spin on the news.  And, if you have a good sense of humor you will go far!


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7 thoughts on “Tweet about Jussie Smollet Good for a Laugh

  1. Ann……When I worked the border…..the unofficial word was…..”Check the Nigerians….thoroughly!”
    Keep up the great work……..

  2. LOL….come to find out this morning that these guys are born and raised in Chicago…how many layers of onion are going to get unraveled in this one?

    1. I saw that too later in the day, but were they really? I’m not convinced since they had just popped over to Nigeria to visit family.

  3. Like to like. If murk and slush is involved,Obama and his fellow bottom feeders are bound to be involved, somewhere.

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