Florida Patriots Rally in Support of My Pillow Guy!

We told you the other day that the cancel-culture was busy at work and had pressured major retailers to drop My Pillow from its shelves because of Mike Lindell’s support of President Donald Trump.

Fight back!

This is the kind of peaceful protest we all need to be doing more of!

From Steve Bannon’s War Room:

Patriots Rally in Florida for My Pillow

Karyn Turk reports live from the rally to support My Pillow in Boca Raton, Florida where patriots are standing up against Big Tech oligarchs and the left who are trying to cancel Americans.

This is a screenshot. Visit the War Room to see the video.

Turk says the key is for patriotic Americans to unite together. “The left does a very good job of sticking together, we as conservatives need to do the same…and say we’re not going to tolerate this.”

Mike Lindell’s completely American-made business is under attack from the left since he has been an outspoken voice against the fraud that occurred on Nov. 3. Big Tech tyranny has led to My Pillow being dropped from Bed Bath and Beyond, Wayfair, Kohl’s, and Kroger. [Kroger is new to the list since I reported on the mean trick being done to Lindell–ed]

The War Room has contact phone numbers, so go get ’em.

Here is what I did today.  I took one of the many 20%-off flyers I get from Bed, Bath and Beyond and sent it back to the company with a note—told them I will never shop there again because of their political views and what they did to Lindell.

By the way, I put my post the other day on my Refugee Resettlement Facebook page and got a great response.  See it here.  (And, I don’t monitor comments there, so join in!).





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11 thoughts on “Florida Patriots Rally in Support of My Pillow Guy!

  1. I quit Khol’s several years ago when I was in there to shop and everything I picked up said, “Made in China.”
    Bead, Bath and Beyound has become a ghost town….very few people in there.
    Never have shopped Wayfair.

    I do go to Kroger’s…What is there problem? I’ve shopped there so much, from dog beds (awesome), to other specialties. Their stores are usually well stocked, clean with no trash on the floor like Walmart. Has Kroger turned on Conservatives also?

    1. Carol,
      I contacted Kroger when I heard they were dropping “My Pillow” from their stores. They got back to me and claim the decision was made last year because of low demand. I take them at their word because they have always seemed politically agnostic at the store level. I know many great people who work for their company. Trust me, if I find out they dropped My Pillow for political reasons, I will find another place to buy my groceries and toilet paper!

      1. I heard an interview with Lindell just today and he said demand was NOT down anywhere. He said they used excuses like that by picking the lowest demand item he had in the store, and then saying demand was low (well, for that item maybe). He said the ‘tell’ was that all these stores did it simultaneously.

  2. Lindell is the epitome of the American dream….from despair and darkness he rose up with God’s help and blessings.
    Every product I have purchased from his company are as advertised and very well made.
    America can do it…..Mike has proved that.

  3. I am going to stop shopping at Kroger’s in support of Mike Lindell, this needs to happen. I don’t shop at the others mentioned anyway so not an issue for me. The good guys are hated, so sad.

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