'Refugees' from Australia Not Doing so Well in El Cajon, California; Others Ask to Go back!

This story from a couple of months ago exposes again a big lie that the Open Borders Left never mentions—not all ‘refugees’ are thrilled to be in the land of opportunity.

australian detainees
Detention is an illegal alien deterrent!  Australia’s detention camps for mostly Muslim (refugee wannabes) are on Nauru and Manus Island.

Since 2007, when I first became aware of the Refugee Admissions Program, I have heard stories like this one and continue to be amazed that the virtue-signalling do-gooders, who promote refugee resettlement in American towns and cities, don’t ever seem to ask themselves if what they are doing is really good for the ‘refugees’ involved.
We know they don’t consider if the wholesale movement of third worlders to the US is good for Americans!
Before I give you the story, I assume most of you know about Obama’s “dumb deal” (that is what Trump called it when he first learned about it.)
Trump and Turnbull
In a 2017 phone call with then Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Trump is alleged to have called the refugee deal a “dumb” one.  He went along with it nonetheless.

If not, then briefly, Australia instituted a policy of sending anyone trying to break into their country by boat to offshore islands for detention. It was an excellent deterrent once the word got out!
But public pressure by the Australian Left forced the government to find a home for these mostly Muslim men.
Enter then President Obama who told the Aussies in 2016, just as he was leaving office, that we would take a few thousand of their rejected asylum seekers to America.  Trump (foolishly in my opinion) went along with the deal and said we would take 1,250.
However, so far, we haven’t brought in nearly that number (hard to find any reports on exactly how many). Today’s story says we took 500 and this one says we rejected 300.
Today’s post is about an unhappy family of Sri Lankan Tamils (they are not Muslims) who were placed in Arabic-speaking El Cajon, California by a US resettlement contractor—the International Rescue Committee.

Thanks to reader ‘ganjagrandma’ for sending me the story from The Sydney Morning Herald. 
Needless to say, news about unhappy ‘refugees’ isn’t something our media is going to pick up and promote.
Such news goes against the biased media meme that all refugees are so very grateful for their good fortune to be placed in America’s ‘melting pot’ communities (by Democrats and Leftist do-gooders.)

Nauru refugees struggling with life in the US ‘Valley of Opportunity’


El Cajon, California: Strolling down Main Street in El Cajon, a city of 100,000 people in southern California, it’s easy to see why locals have nicknamed the area “Little Baghdad”.
But the six members of the Prabhakar family* are not Iraqi and do not speak Arabic. [They don’t want to use their real name.—-ed]
They are Tamils who fled Sri Lanka during the civil war and spent a decade living as refugees in India. In July 2014, they were part of a boatload of 157 of their countrymen and women who sought to make it to Australia.
Under the Abbott government’s policy, they were intercepted at sea and held for a month on an Operation Sovereign Borders vessel while authorities worked out what to do with them.
Scott Morrison, then the immigration minister, said the asylum seekers were “economic migrants” who did not face persecution in India and should be returned there. They were taken to the Curtin Detention Centre in Western Australia and then to Nauru.
For the next four years that was their life and then, last year, they became among the lucky 500 or so who have flown to the United States as part of the resettlement “swap” deal Australia negotiated with Barack Obama.
“When they said we passed we were so happy,” says Niwali, a lively, articulate and strong-willed woman striving to keep her family together.
“We said any place is fine as long as we get off Nauru.”

The reality, they have found, has been much more difficult than expected.

Niwali has excellent English. But when she went looking for jobs in El Cajon, she found that wasn’t enough: many employers also wanted their staff to speak Arabic.

“I almost never see an American here,” Niwali says. “Arabic speakers will live a good life here.

Their experience is not unique, says Fleur Wood, the co-founder of Ads-Up, a group of Australian expats who help refugees from Manus Island and Nauru to resettle in the US. [Pretty outrageous isn’t it that Australians living in America are working to diversify us! These migrants are Australia’s problem!—-ed]

She says many of the refugees have arrived in the US full of optimism. But they soon find life in America is more challenging than they had imagined.

“A lot of the refugees are very unprepared for life here,” she says. “Very few have come and really landed on their feet.

If we took 500 and 40 want to return to the island of Nauru—what does that tell us! I guess it wasn’t so bad there after all!

Indeed a number the feds never provide is the number of ‘refugees’ who come to America and find the streets here are not paved with gold and want to go HOME! Or, in this case Nauru!

Last year the president of Nauru said 40 refugees who had resettled in the US had asked to return to the island country. Wood says a small number of refugees have expressed an interest in returning to Nauru, most because they want to be reunited with romantic partners or family still living there.

I guess being with loved ones trumps being placed in multicultural (in this case Arabic) neighborhoods in struggling US cities working at some low wage job and living off of food stamps!
Continue reading the story here and see that the parents in this family, both in their 50s, are too infirm to work.  Guess who is picking up their medical tab?
But, as soon as they put some money together they plan to head to New Jersey to be closer to their own kind of people—other Sri Lankan Tamils.  So much for melting pot propaganda we hear about from the diversity is beautiful cabal.
This post is filed in my ‘Leftwing Propaganda‘ and ‘Immigration fraud’ categories.
Just so you know, this whole set-up—the US taking in another country’s asylum seekers (they were not determined to be refugees!)  is way outside of the normal refugee resettlement process and is setting a very bad precedent.  Will we be taking the overflow from Italy and Greece next?

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  1. I repeat, I believe the Obama Aussie Dumb “Refugee” Deal was a partial payment for the assist to take down POTUS TRUMP.

    1. Very interesting theory. I wouldn’t put it past them! And, using ‘refugees’ as political pawns is not unheard of.

  2. Won’t their relatives that they miss, be allowed to join them here?

    1. That is the usual scenario. I’m guessing that the ones left behind are not family/relatives but are ‘lovers’ who didn’t make the cut because they come from some of the banned countries. Other readers might venture guesses. However, 40 unhappy out of 500 is a pretty significant number! It costs a lot of money to move a ‘refugee’ to America and now we get to move them back!!!

  3. Wish I could pass this story along, as I believe the facts of it, however, the added commentary takes away the objectivity and any immigration booster would only think of the comments as prejudicial. So sorry you don’t just stick to the facts, Ann. It is the negative sentiment that enables the other side to call us racist and xenophobic.

    1. Just send out the article I was quoting from! I have no fear of being called a racist and xenophobe and frankly I want to have fun writing MY blog (after all it is my blog and I work for no one, so there needs to be some benefits for me).
      Better still, you could do the research and the work and write your own blog!

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