Minnesota Millionaire Proves that Food Stamp Program is Seriously Flawed

Yesterday I told you about yet another food stamp fraud case and a reader sent me this news about how generally flawed the program is.
The story, also published yesterday in the Washington Free Beacon, is amusing (and concerning).  Hat tip: Richard at Blue Ridge Forum.
This must be Minnesota day at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ (see my earlier post about St. Cloud). The whistleblower who exposed lax food stamp requirements is from this same county in Minnesota!

The Dems are having hissy-fits because the Trump Administration is proposing changes to SNAP that will tighten requirements for those seeking food stamps.

Washington Free Beacon,

Democrats Lash Out at Millionaire Food-Stamp Whistleblower


Democrats in a House agriculture subcommittee lashed out at a retired millionaire who applied for and received food stamps in an effort to prove that eligibility for the government benefits in his home state of Minnesota were too lax and could be easily exploited.

Jim McGovern
An angry Massachusetts Rep. Jim McGovern said the Minnesota whistleblower should go to jail!

Rob Undersander noticed several years back that income was the only criterion for receiving benefits from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps.
A retired engineer with a seven-figure nest egg but no real income, Undersander decided to perform an experiment to determine if someone as well-off as he and his wife could obtain the benefits.
“I’ve got the [SNAP] form in my hand and I’m thinking of my financial situation, and I said ‘you know, I just can’t believe this,'” Undersander told the Washington Free Beacon by phone earlier this week.
“So I went down to the second floor of the Sterns County Courthouse, stood in line a little bit, handed in the application and three weeks later I’m getting food stamps, a balance on my EBT card.”
Screenshot (1019)
This is a screenshot of a short video embedded in the Free Beacon story in which Undersander tells his story.

Although he was not invited to formally testify, Undersander was in attendance at a Thursday subcommittee meeting designed to look at “broad-based categorical eligibility” for benefits like SNAP.
Undersander maintains he did not falsify any portion of his application, and that therefore everything he did was completely legal. He says he also carefully tracked and donated all of the monies he received from the program back into his community to benefit the needy.
House Democrats, however, were not happy.

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You might want to contact the White House (link in right hand sidebar here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’) and tell the President that you support tightening requirements for SNAP eligibility!

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5 thoughts on “Minnesota Millionaire Proves that Food Stamp Program is Seriously Flawed

  1. Would Rep. Jim McGovern say the same thing about those in the Somali community routinely committing various forms of massive Minnesota DHS social services systems fraud, including the SNAP program fraud?
    It’s about $600 to $700 Million Dollars here in Minnesota ANNUALLY Jim, and for over a dozen years now..

    1. He would say you’re racist for noticing, racist for caring. We all know it’s #DeathbyDiversity of culture and country while globalist shills like McGovern say the lies of diversity and cultural enrichment like a damn mantra.

  2. I am homeless in Minnesota and have never sought food stamps. I’d rather work for a living (and I do). However, I am prohibited from doing nearly anything I need to do (get a PO Box, get a legal ID, vote according to my constitutional right, etc) to get out of this mess because every Minnesota form requires a resident address, under penalty of perjury – a felony. So I would have to commit a felony and provide an address that is not mine to do… well, just about anything in the state of Minnesota. Government employees tell me to just “go ahead and put any address anyway” (i.e., commit a felony). When I contacted all 200 Minnesota legislators about this lunacy I received only two responses. One asked for my home address so he could send me a written response. The other simply wrote “No thank you”. The Minnesota news media couldn’t care less. Meanwhile, a millionaire gets food stamps, and non-citizens get free everything, and vote without any right to do so. Minnesota government is corrupt, incompetent and negligent to the core. This working homeless man’s taxes help to pay their salaries.

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