New York Times Writer does Hit-Job on Americans in St. Cloud, MN

Well, I should say a hit-job on white Americans; the Somalis there are pure as the driven snow.

Astead Herndon
Reporter Astead W. Herndon.  Too funny! He made news this week when he labelled segregationist Senators as Republicans.

But, did anyone expect anything other than a hit from the New York Times? 
Anyone who raises any questions about how many migrants we should admit to America or asks what it will cost taxpayers, or any other sensible question is a racist, Islamophobic xenophobe especially if a reporter can link critics of uncontrolled migration to Donald J. Trump.
For the record, I don’t respond to requests from the likes of the NYT, the Washington Post, the LA Times etc. for an interview because no matter what you say, biased reporters will cherry-pick your words and paint you in the worst light as obviously reporter Alstead W. Herndon did here.
He went to St. Cloud with an agenda!
Herndon proves once again that Donald Trump is right about the media.
But, it isn’t all bad because a whole lot more people in America now know there is a big problem, a social upheaval going on in St. Cloud, and maybe they will think twice about putting out the ‘welcome’ mat to third world refugees.

Here is how reporter Astead W. Herndon begins his story.
In the first five paragraphs he has worked in all the vital words any good Leftist anti-Trump reporter needs to tell readers what they are to think about these ‘Islamophobes’ in Minnesota!  (I’ve hi-lighted his buzz words in hot pink.)

‘These People Aren’t Coming From Norway’: Refugees in a Minnesota City Face a Backlash

As more Somali refugees arrive in St. Cloud, white anti-immigration activists have pressed an increasingly explicit anti-Muslim agenda.

ST. CLOUD, Minn. — John Palmer, a former university professor, has always had a cause. For decades he urged Minnesota officials to face the dangers of drunken driving and embrace seatbelts. Now he has a new goal: curbing the resettlement of Somali refugees in St. Cloud, after a few thousand moved into this small city where Mr. Palmer has lived for decades.
Every weekday, he sits in the same spot at Culver’s restaurant — the corner booth near the Kwik Trip — and begins his daily intake of news from xenophobic and conspiratorial sites, such as, and articles with titles like “Lifting the Veil on the ‘Islamophobia’ Hoax.” On Thursdays, Mr. Palmer hosts a group called Concerned Community Citizens, or C-Cubed, which he formed to pressure local officials over the Muslim refugees. Mr. Palmer said at a recent meeting he viewed them as innately less intelligent than the “typical” American citizen, as well as a threat. [BTW, if you don’t read Jihad Watch you should.—ed]
But for others, the changes have fueled talk about “white replacement,” a racist conspiracy theory tied to the declining birthrates of white Americans that has spread in far-right circles and online chat rooms and is now surfacing in some communities.
“The very word ‘Islamophobia’ is a false narrative,” Mr. Palmer, 70, said. “A phobia is an irrational fear.” Raising his voice, he added, “An irrational fear! There are many reasons we are not being irrational.”
In this predominantly white region of central Minnesota, the influx of Somalis, most of whom are Muslim, has spurred the sort of demographic and cultural shifts that President Trump and right-wing conservatives have stoked fears about for years. The resettlement has divided many politically active residents of St. Cloud, with some saying they welcome the migrants.

There is much more if you care to read it.
My  point is that this reporter, in the run-up to 2020, wants to make it very clear that everyone who has a concern about a large increase in the number of migrants to a community (even when those ‘new Americans’ take jobs African-Americans need or might be ISIS lovers) is a Trump-supporting racist.
(See my post about the Pittsburgh terrorist bust and note that the black community there is a little nervous about the refugees flooding into their communities. Are they being racist and Islamophobic, Astead?)
For a laugh, you really need to see Herndon’s (thin) bio when he joined the NYT in 2018.
Here is one mention of an important story in his career.  (BTW, Did he write the bio?  I see a typo in it.)

And then there was the story where Astead spent a day trying to eat every food at a county fair, downing a three-layer chili parfait, deep-fried peanut butter and jelly, and bacon covered in s’mores.

Wow! Impressive!
This post is filed in my ‘Media fraud’ category.

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12 thoughts on “New York Times Writer does Hit-Job on Americans in St. Cloud, MN

  1. Great. Published:
    On Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 7:26 AM Frauds, Crooks and Criminals wrote:
    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Well, I should say a hit-job on white Americans; the > Somalis there are pure as the driven snow. But, did anyone expect anything > other than a hit from the New York Times? Anyone who raises any questions > about how many migrants we should admit to Amer” >

  2. Clarkston Ga merited a book, Outcasts United, by another NYT writer, Warren St John. Many mentioned in the book have moved away or died since its publication. Our local government has been replaced entirely. You can catch our current mayor, who is also the director of the Georgia chapter of the Sierra Club, on an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, which I guess the Somali muslim guy who at a public city council meeting expressed his concern that the expansion of the International Bible Church youth programs would convert his community’s children hasn’t watched yet. Fun times!

  3. Thanks for the picture. That reason hadn’t occured to me.
    On Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 7:26 AM Frauds, Crooks and Criminals wrote:
    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Well, I should say a hit-job on white Americans; the > Somalis there are pure as the driven snow. But, did anyone expect anything > other than a hit from the New York Times? Anyone who raises any questions > about how many migrants we should admit to Amer” >

  4. It should be noted that the sub-headline on this NYT hit piece begins with: “As more Somali refugees arrive in St. Cloud…”
    Is that true?
    Also you really should set up so your blog posts automatically post on Twitter – regardless if you do anything at least the info is there for others to retweet.

  5. It wasn’t that long ago that the New York Times had hired Sarah Jeong, a woman of Korean descent, who is a racist when it comes to white people. If an American had written such things about asians, they would have never been hired. There is no doubt that a double standard is being applied here.

  6. This is a ridiculous article. Just take an honest look at present day Western Europe, the UK, parts of Australia, and so on.. It’s a mess..
    To Astead Herndon per his NYT article: ..What a horrible joke..
    ..A 20 something – gay – black – man – posing as a ‘journalist’ – comes to St Cloud, to blatantly lie about the seriousness of the anti-assimilation prone, and violence prone Somali problem, lie about the people he interviewed there – including me – and to promote an increasingly dangerous fiction, straight from the land of ‘leftist’ OZ..
    This is not the fiction of “Shoeless Joe Jackson comes to Iowa’, per the Field of Dreams film.. This is real life in a growing war zone in America, called Minnesota..
    There is not one ounce of integrity in NYT Astead Herndon’s work here. …’a picture of my WHITE grandchildren’? Really Astead?.. What a disgrace.
    He conveniently forgot to mention, that I showed him the photograph, as I recounted the 100 person Somali gang riot, and violence last September 22nd, at the Valley Fair Amusement park, when my daughter, son-in-law, and my two precious grandchildren, were caught up in a riot. A riot, staged on ‘Law Enforcement & First Responder Appreciation Day/Evening, requiring 6 police departments, MN State Troopers, a police helicopter, 1.5 hours to evacuate 15,000 people, and park attendees. Footnote: MN CAIR, and their executive director, Jaylani Hussein, did not condemn this violent BEHAVIOR.
    My actual comments offered to Astead during our interview, with former St. Cloud City councilman, Jeff Johnson included in the interview – in addition to multiple articles relating to the multiple documented Somali connected attacks in Minnesota, and the imported crime and violence routinely present now in Minnesota?
    I said to Astead.. ..’This is NOT about skin tone Astead’.. ‘This is NOT about some ‘religious’ anything either’. ‘This IS all about BEHAVIOR’.. ..Lousy, crappy, anti-social, violence prone, and anti-American value system, BEHAVIOR’..
    I even recounted to this very young man, my bringing to Minnesota many years ago, a 17 year old kid out of the ghetto portion of Asbury Park, New Jersey, who I had known since he was age 6, when I was a college student, and the ‘ice cream man’ in his neighborhood many years ago..
    He was, and still, is a black young man, and a good man.. ..He is NOT WHITE at all Astead.. He is a part of our family. He will always be a part of our family.. So, please can the black-white nonsense as the childish foundation for your ridiculous ‘thesis’.
    His name is ‘Dee’, and he lived with my family for the last two years of his high school career, as he attended Washburn High school in Minneapolis – and excelled – and attended SCSU for a short bit of time afterwards.. He is now over 50 years of age..
    You forgot to mention any of that – conveniently – Astead..
    You sir, are a hypocritical, racist fraud, with a massive and remarkably unattractive – color coated – and adolescent chip on your unprepossessing shoulder.
    I am embarrassed for you. I am extremely disappointed in your lack of performance here, given the gravity of this growing problem in Minnesota, and around our country..
    However, I do wish you well as you make any noticeable attempt to gain integrity going forward, if that is possible, and to acquire maturity enough to actually become a responsible adult, and show some hint of becoming a RESPONSIBLE journalist as well..
    Meanwhile, Minnesota and Minnesotans continue to suffer, and YOU sir, as well as NYT opinion columnist comrade, Thomas Friedman (‘President Trump, Come to Willmar’), are now a part of that problem we are ‘left’ to face here going forward. Denial is a dangerous syndrome to embrace my friend.
    Since your flight back to the ‘big apple’, we sad, pathetic, and ‘Islamophobic’, ‘xenophobic’, Minnesotans have been forced to endure even more countless, and additional attacks of ‘white people only’ on our LRT (claw hammer and pipes used), our Minnesota streets (2 Somali’s use vehicle on a Minneapolis sidewalk to mow down 6 Minnesotans in Omar’s district), arson attacks (Lake Calhoun – ‘Lola on the Lake’ burned to the ground), armed robberies, home invasions, (attempted murder of a 5 year old at the Mall of America) and more.. ..No big deal to you however.. None of these factually based violent tragedies fit your ‘race based’ narrative of course.
    So, everything is just peachy in the Minnesota paradise you came here to investigate? ”Nothing to see here, just move along’, Astead? Is that right St. Cloud mayor, Dave Kleis? Is that right MN (c)ongressman Tom Emmer? Or, MN (s)en. Amy Klobuchar? All of you, and more, are directly responsible for allowing the destruction of Minnesota, and the job is almost complete now..
    ..Thanks for nothing Astead.. Oh, and by the way, and per your article; thanks for sharing the location of the town in Minnesota, in which I live. That should make it much easier for me to receive yet but another threatening note to be left on my door as was true in September of 2017 – AGAIN..
    Sorry that I trusted you, and the New York Times, and that I wasted my valuable time.. At my age, I should have known better..
    Please make some attempt in your future to get rid of that race baiting ‘chip’ on your shoulder, and grow up a bit, and spare the rest of us any more of your literary vomit in the meantime..
    With all due respect,
    Bob Carrillo
    ..As intentionally exposed by Astead Herndon and the NYT: ‘Living in St. Michael, Minnesota’.

    1. I meant to say.. ‘This was a ridiculous NYT article’..

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