Nevada Governor Announces his Desire for Office to Make "New Americans" Feel Welcome

“So, they will feel there is an office within the state that recognizes their contributions and that they are a part of our state and also of the country.”

Francisco Morales, a Sisolak spokesman

I would say the Governor’s timing stinks as Fox News reports this morning that the police in Carson City are about to file murder charges against an illegal alien from El Salvador.

nevada killer
Sisolak’s New American!

I don’t see the story posted yet, but a Fox & Friends reporter says that Wilbur Martinez-Guzman pawned jewelry belonging to two of those murdered earlier this month.
From the Nevada Independent (Emphasis is mine):

Sisolak Unveils Details of Proposed Governor’s Office for New Americans

This story has been edited for brevity and clarity and translated from Spanish.
In an inaugural State of the State address that touched on the economy, education, taxes and school security, Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak also announced a smaller but notable initiative — the creation of a center in Las Vegas that will help the immigrant community better adjust to American life.

Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak

Francisco Morales, a Sisolak spokesman, said that the Governor’s Office for New Americans is expected to open its doors in October if funding is approved. Sisolak’s budget calls for an administrator and one support staffer, at a cost of $184,000 in the 2020 fiscal year and $205,000 in the 2021 fiscal year.
Morales said the office will have its headquarters in Southern Nevada, within the governor’s office at Grant Sawyer State Office Building, located on Washington Avenue, near Las Vegas Boulevard.
“The focus will be on helping people blend in to our society more easily and learn about all the services and benefits our state offers,”  [Services of course is welfare!—ed] Morales said in an interview during the Cafecito with Luz and Michelle radio show. “So, they will feel there is an office within the state that recognizes their contributions and that they are a part of our state and also of the country.”
Morales said the plan is to combine efforts with non-profit organizations that provide assistance to the immigrant community, such as the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, Casa del Immigrante Foundation, and the UNLV Immigration Clinic. [Joining forces means helping those non-profits get their hands in taxpayers’ wallets!—ed]
“The goal is to try to centralize services and to serve as a source of information people can trust. I think sometimes people are afraid, they’re shy when it comes to approaching their government and that’s why we want to create an office where they’ll feel comfortable,” he said. “And to have people who speak Spanish, people from the community.”

More here. The governor especially says they want to help the DACA kids get their benefits too.
Wouldn’t it be something if Wilbur Ernesto Martinez-Guzman was a DACA darling.

Pay attention to the vast increase in the number of times you see the phrase “new Americans.” 

That is what the Open Borders Left calls immigrants of all stripes (legal and illegal) and by controlling the language they control the narrative and wipe out any opportunity to make the distinction between legal and illegal entry in to our country.
The Left also uses the word “refugee” very loosely because they want you to think that anyone on the move anywhere in the world is a legitimate refugee.  An asylum seeker is not a refugee until they have been granted refugee status.
You, obviously should continue to use the phrase “illegal alien” if you know someone is here illegally. If the illegal alien is a criminal you might also tag them with the “new American” phrase to mock the Left.
I  generally use the word “migrant” when I don’t know the immigration status of someone or some group.

question markWant something to do?
Watch for it—the “new American” verbiage—and try to set the record straight whenever and wherever you can! Don’t let the Left control our language with their politically-correct mumbo-jumbo!

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2 thoughts on “Nevada Governor Announces his Desire for Office to Make "New Americans" Feel Welcome

  1. Nevada manages, mismanages, a federal program for their state called Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) that gives approvals of federal tax credits to Nevadan employers who hire a certain criteria of people. Last I heard they are STILL over 5 years behind in approvals for reimbursements. And, THEY DON’T CARE!
    Neither does the Federal Gubt apparently. Secretary Acosta pretty much blew me off, as did everyone “in charge” in Nevada. From the Gubernor’s office on down all I got was excuses. There are ZERO standards set for a federal program required to be administered by the states. OH, this program has been around since the 1990s. It also took Nevada until last year to even begin automating it.
    There is another similar program that Nevada seems unable to get their act together on.
    Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)
    Maybe they should concentrate on taking care of their employers, who pay the bills for the state.
    The other questiona are:
    Do they do this on purpose to stifle any new competition? Five years is a long time to wait for tax credits. You could easily be out of business by then.
    Why is there no furor? Were the big boys getting preferential treatment all along, i.e., getting processed and approved, and just the little guys go into the backlog and get hurt?
    If you are a Nevadan, what are you hearing?

  2. The Gov. should take a good look at the Federation For American Immigration Reform (FAIR) cost factors relating to what Nevadans ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, and share that info with his constituents..
    Then a petition for his removal should be started..

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