Christian Groups Thrilled at Biden Mass Amnesty and Promised Huge Jump in Refugee Admissions

Just so you know!  I am writing regularly at Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Today’s post could just as well have been posted here because it is about the frauds that make up the supposed Christian charities that are milking the taxpayers as they lobby Congress for a mass amnesty and are pushing Biden for a refugee ceiling of 125,000 in his first year.

I am calling these ‘religious’ charities, America Lasters! as they put the well-being of migrants of all stripes ahead of suffering American citizens.

See today’s post:

Christian Groups Push for Mass Amnesty and to Raise Refugee Ceiling to 125,000 this Year

And, here is Friday’s post:

Yippee! Biden’s ‘Cultural Enrichers’ are on the way!

And, here is another from last week:

Joe Biden Plans to Admit the Most Refugees in any One Year Since 1992

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4 thoughts on “Christian Groups Thrilled at Biden Mass Amnesty and Promised Huge Jump in Refugee Admissions

  1. If these idiots voted for Biden….then they aren’t Christians….at the same time they are excited to welcome into our country violent, criminal people….Biden was signing a document that ALL ABROTIONS ARE NOW FREE and….we TAXPAYERS are going to pay for the slaughter of the innocent!!! Whether we know it or not.

    At some point…God will realize that as a Nation we aren’t worth saving…considering what is happening currently…He may have already decided.

    In Jeremiah: 1:5 He says to him that He knew him before He formed him in his Mother’s womb.

    So the humans the Lord was forming….are His and the infants that were purposefully created are the Lord’s. Millions of his creations slaughtered by Godless people….and then their precious body parts sold to others for “science”.

    I am so shocked about this… taxes have been commandeered to pay for evil…and I have no say in it. How did we get here as a Nation founded on God?!

  2. I keep hearing God has a plan. I’m beginning to think that plan is giving up on us. United States is a hopeless case.

    1. I’m worried God does have a plan…one of the first EOs Biden signed was EVERY ABORTION IS FREE…PAID FOR BY THE TAXPAYERS! Wholesale abortions!

      I am enraged that we are being forced into being complicit with this. And, then they sell the baby body parts. I am also sick at my stomach.

      Jerimiah 1 :5 God said to him, “I KNEW YOU BEFORE I FORMED YOU IN YOUR MOTHER’S WOMB…..

      This says to me that God considered us His creations. In HIS Commandments He said, “THOU SHALL NOT KILL ”

      Until we stop this abomination…God will allow this to go on to our destruction. Sodom and Chamorra all over again.

      I no longer will give any respect to the Catholic Church….they are still calling Biden their own and allowing him and Pukelosi to take communion.

      The Pope is a Marxist from a foreign country. You don’t hear a word out of him about Biden and Pukelosi…the Pope loves them because they are bringing in foreigners who will greatly harm our country in multiple ways….they will take jobs and donate to the church….and cause great harm to Americans and our society… ending in our destruction.

      Unless we do something…but as an elderly woman…I don’t know what we can do.

      1. The best thing you can do is keep talking—to everyone who will listen!

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