Ho Hum! More Home Health Care Fraud: Minnesota “Man” Rips-off State for $260,000

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So will AG Ellison go after frauds like this one? (This is Ellison’s twitter pic.)

As Minnesota’s Attorney General Lori Swanson turns the office over to Keith Ellison, the Grand Forks Herald reports that  charges have been brought against a Minnesota man who is “alleged to have defrauded the state medical assistance program out of more than $260,000.”
Swanson says Abdi Ali Gure of Bloomington submitted false claims for personal care assistance that were never delivered during a two year period—2013-2015.
Gure faces seven counts of theft.

A charging document alleges that Gure was an owner of Diversified Home Care, Inc., which was enrolled in the Medicaid program as a personal care provider organization. Kyle Nessen, an investigator with the office’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, said Guresubmitted false claims to the state and ran various schemes through the organization. The investigator alleged that Gure received $260,897.52 to which he wasn’t entitled.


And that money benefitted Gure and his family, Nessen said, with Gure paying himself, his wife and his son more than $750,000 between 2011 and 2016.

Very interesting that I could only find mention of this story in small newspapers in Minnesota.  If anyone finds the charging documents or even a press statement about it, please send me a link!
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Putting Ann Coulter’s “secret decoder ring” to good use we can say for near certainty that Abdi Ali Gure is a Somali ‘new American.’ Refugee? Probably, because almost all Somalis in the US came here through the US State Department’s Refugee Admissions Program with Minnesota being the top resettlement location.


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8 thoughts on “Ho Hum! More Home Health Care Fraud: Minnesota “Man” Rips-off State for $260,000

  1. Please keep up the great work that you are doing. Not many people can do the investigative work that is required to come up with the crimes that are committed. Now all we have to do is wait and see if he is charged and deported back to where he came from. Thanks for your work.

  2. No great shocker, but this business is a storefront only in South Minneapolis, and is closed..
    Oddly (not-so-much), nothing was reported in the Mpls/St.Paul newspapers, or Radio, or local major TV stations..excepting KSTP Broadcasting..(no video).
    Can’t wait to see when this one gets swept under the Minnesota Rug of Shame..
    The beleaguered and shunned DHS whistle-blower, Scott Stillman (A HERO), says, in his testimony a few weeks back in front of a Minnesota House of Representatives Committee, and per 3 hearings since May of 2018 in front of a Minnesota Senate Committee, that there is so much more of all of this, WHICH HAS NOT BEEN REVEALED, nor PROSECUTED – nor STOPPED..
    Another CURRENT DHS (anonymous) employee has also reached out to me because of my prior writing about all this..
    She (I believe that it is a woman) has led me in the direction of TWO MORE Daycare Fraud matters, where the evidence gathered by investigating authorities – (AND PRESENTED TO COUNTY ATTORNEYS) was so overwhelming, that it was a shock when they were not charged, and obviously not prosecuted.. “The evidence is out there” she has indicated to me..
    Thus, they, like many such cases, are NOT a recorded offence, and therefore, NOT a part of the MN DHS statistical blotter and paper trail , which the MN DHS is very busy covering up…
    They are Lighthouse Daycare – Eden Prairie Minnesota & Moonlight Daycare Center, in St Cloud Minnesota..
    This is all a part of a massive “Organized Crime” – Racketeering – international money laundering (elaborate overseas wire transfers & suitcase packed with $$Millions in cash)) scheme (all Minnesota social services programs breached combined), and A NATIONAL SECURITY matter, due to this massive MINNESOTA BASED scam providing “material support” (Money tracked by investigators) into the hands of enemy terrorist combatants in Somalia.
    See the case of Federally convicted Fozia Ali.. She was not exactly the “Flying Nun”..
    Others were let off the hook with SECRET PEA DEALS by – for ONE example only – Hennepin County Attorney (Minneapolis) Mike Freeman..
    Minnesota is ground zero for the entire country for this criminal syndicate activity, and the cover-up in Minnesota (MN Governor – MN AG – Mayors – MN DHS including their internal so-called “Inspector General”) is as massive as the crimes committed..
    This State-Wide Organized Crime spree (still going on), as well as the State-Wide cover-up, screams out for a US Justice Department – HHS – Homeland Security – NSA – FBI Central Investigation.
    This cancer can only metastasize, and CONTINUE to infect the entire nation.

    1. Thanks for the info. However,can I suggest that for comments here at the blog that you keep it a bit shorter next time.

      1. PS.. I have always been a writer in desperate need of a copy editor..

        1. LOL! It’s just that I want people to read what commenters say, not be deterred by when they see a huge number of lines of text.

  3. And my disabled husband uses 2,050.00 more in Medicaid than he’s allowed and they demand it all back at once, not years later, but a couple of months ago, I guess old white guys are allowed a lot less to stay alive than everybody else.

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