A Little Virtue Signal from the Right? Why Not!

A friend sent a photo of a yard sign she had seen recently.

Here it is:


When I looked around this morning, I found a 2017 story about the signs at the Philadelphia Inquirer.  The story includes a link for where they can be purchased.  I’m not posting it here because I am short on time and can’t check it out at the moment. (Gotta post at RRW right now.)

The message made me laugh and hope it gives you a chuckle.

Remember that humor is a powerful political weapon! Fight back!

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4 thoughts on “A Little Virtue Signal from the Right? Why Not!

  1. A powerful counter to the Left,s Woke culture. My virtue signaling was more personal although not as effective on a community basis. I told my Lefttis neighbors that if their house caught on fire I would try to get them out.

  2. After seeing one to many of those Virtue Signaling “We Believe” signs my neighborhood I’m thinking about making one that says “We Believe that your Virtue Signaling Signs are annoying and Sanctimonious”!

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