St. Cloud Tech High Brawl Post has been Updated, See Why

I was informed by the News Editor of the St. Cloud Times that I was not permitted to use their story in which they list the names of some of the students involved in the brawl that brought reportedly 20 police officers to the school.

See my updated post from Saturday by clicking here. And, then visit the St. Cloud Times story directly, here.

I do have sympathy for small city newspapers that are struggling. They need all the readers they can get and this story is of vital importance, so don’t miss it!

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6 thoughts on “St. Cloud Tech High Brawl Post has been Updated, See Why

  1. Ann, Look at the West Central Tribune newspaper (Willmar, MN) . Last week there was an article about 3 or 4 Somali young men who attacked a man in July and drove his car away. One or more of them are now being charged.

  2. Please do not show sympathy for the St Cloud Times editorial folks, They are always complicit relating to the cover-up of all of this sort of thing.. ALWAYS!

    Their motto? Bury it at all cost..

    And, everyone who commits the crime of NOTICING, is a racist, bigot, xenophobe, Islamophobe, and a hater.. …BUNK!

    Sorry, but these people are political trash, who are writhing in misery because this disgusting news, and disgusting Minnesota reality check, has reached the outside world..

    See the last Saturday night brawl WITH GUNS this time, at the ‘Great Minnesota Get Together (Minnesota State Fair) Channel 5 KSTP News reports (the only station to report the 9 fights, and police dispatch INSIDE THE FAIR GROUNDS, which almost closed down the Fair)..

    Last year in September it was the Valley Fair Amusement Park..

    Minnesota is an east African WAR ZONE NOW..

    To the St Cloud Times editors: STICK IT!

    1. Robert – are you from Third Rail Talk?

      If so, were you completely deplatformed? Where is your new site?

  3. What about being in the public domain does the News Editor of the St. Cloud Times not understand? Answer: nothing. The St. Cloud Times should change it’s name to reflect the reality of it’s conduct. A more appropriate name: The St. Cloud Sometimes since they practice a censorship of omission.

  4. Amazing how they took this new school over and claimed it as their ground, very few if any of these
    defendants, have “parents” and I use the word loosely that even own, and pay property taxes to support the school and expense to taxpayers this and all other confrontations in Minnesota this
    does. Time to go back to Somalia and take their Political representatives, MAKE SOMALIA GREAT
    AGAIN ! should be their anthem cry.

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