St. Cloud High School Riot: Students All One Race

Update!  I have been warned by Lisa Schwarz, News Director of the St. Cloud Times that I am not permitted to use their news story.  

So to honor her request and to “avoid further action,”  I am removing the text I snipped from their story about the students involved in the recent Tech High riot. 

Please visit the St. Cloud Times directly! (Link below)

(My original post begins here.)

Whew! That is a relief!  At least now there won’t be any reason for race hustlers like CAIR to get involved, right!

“Students of the same race.”  That is how police characterize the make-up of the gangs of fighting students we reported here on Thursday.  But thanks to a Minnesota law which allows names of those who committed felonies, who are aged 16 and 17, be made public, we now have a clearer idea of who exactly was involved in a brawl that brought 20 police officers to a school in a city that has seen years of tension created by the arrival of Somali refugee families.

No secret decoder ring needed—names tell us all we need to know!

(See my extensive St. Cloud file at Refugee Resettlement Watch, here. I first heard of Tech High Somali problems in this story from 2008. A few posts featuring St. Cloud are here at ‘Frauds and Crooks.‘)


St. Cloud’s new Tech High has only been open for a few weeks. The old Tech High was featured many times in posts at RRW over the years.


Here is the latest news from the St. Cloud Times (hat tip: John):

5 students charged with felonies, 14 with gross misdemeanors after Sept. 25 Tech fight

ST. CLOUD — Nineteen students involved in the Sept. 25 fight at Tech High School are facing criminal charges, according to St. Cloud Police Assistant Chief Jeff Oxton.

To see who was involved….

Go here.


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12 thoughts on “St. Cloud High School Riot: Students All One Race

  1. Where is Jaylani Hussein and MN CAIR on this HATE CRIME?

    What, no condemnation Jaylani?

    ..I’m shocked and amazed..

    Last year’s major orchestrated ATTACK of Minnesota and Minnesotans, was a 100 Somali participant GANG BRAWL at the Valley Fair Amusement Park, in Shakopee Minnesota on September 22nd.. ..6 police departments, MN State Troopers. and a police helicopter were required to evacuate 15,000 attendees and to restore order..

    This year, the orchestrated (STAGED) TARGET was the last Saturday night of the Minnesota State Fair (‘The Great Minnesota Get Together’?).. It erupted into NINE GANG Brawls all over the inside of the Fair, but with guns recovered this time.. 50 or so Somali’s caused law enforcement to swarm (and they were prepared this year), and almost lose control of the Fair, and shut it down..

    Where is Jaylani Hussein and MN CAIR on these HATE CRIME(S)?

    Where was that so often seen press conference, claiming professional ‘VICTIMHOOD’. as he does so often, when members of his violent prone ‘community’ claiming to being aggrieved..again and again and again and always..

    Hussein and CAIR represent their ‘leadership’, and ‘attitude reflects leadership’ as they say..

    Where is Jaylani Hussein and MN CAIR?

    Well, Hussein is a race baiting pimp for the Muslim Brotherhood in America, and Hamas in America, called CAIR. This is their standard MO..

    This is going to get much worse..

    1. Robert well said I’m a little confused I don’t live in Minnesota but I do know a few folks from there and I know these idiots were dropped of in the middle of the nite my ??? Is how long are the residents going to put up with this carp.

      1. We just moved from Minnesota. Taxes too high and getting higher, bad politics and too many Somalis that want Minnesota to do thing their way and not learn the Minnesota way. We had enough of the bad driving, crime and etc. We are not the only ones leaving the state of Somali.

    1. I was born and raised there and joined the service when I was 18. I never went back to live but my brothers are still there. Talk about refugees is now all you hear on the news. My son went to SCTCC and wouldn’t wash him hands in the bathroom sinks due to the Somalian refugees washing their privates in them. They have no intention of assimilating into our country. We can thank Bill Clinton for putting thousands in Minneapolis as well. Hopefully Omar will be run out of office. Keith Ellison is disgusting and needs to be removed as well. The officials actually have evidence of some footage of him abusing a woman and choose to ignore it. Sick cowards!!!!
      Trump 2020. MAGA/KAG

  2. Ship Somalis back to Somalia where they belong and know how to get along with each other.

  3. I feel sorry for St. Cloud property tax payers being forced to pay for the education of Somalis while their own kids have to put up with the nutty Somalis.

  4. These students need to be expelled all right, from our country!

  5. I don’t believe the part that says the students will not return to the district this year. Where are they going to go? The pressure on the school to be tolerant and inclusive will be huge. They may kick out one or two, but the rest will be welcomed back with open arms.

  6. Aren’t Nigel Farage and other politicians saying “Not All Islam”? Aren’t they saying that Moslems are peaceful as long as they haven’t been Radicalized? So are all these Somalis being Radicalized? We’re devolving back into Bush’s doctrine by blaming everything on CAIR & Muslim Brotherhood.

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