St. Cloud, Minnesota’s Tech High Once Again Roiled by Fighting

Here (below) is the basic news reported by Fox.  I searched around to see if any news outlet was telling the public which students were responsible for the gang violence and found no description of the students or reason for the brawl that brought 20 police officers to the school. (Update when someone reports the facts!)

But, needless to say, the controversy and on-going ethnic tension at the school in 2015 came immediately to mind.  See one of many posts on the subject at Refugee Resettlement Watch.  This one:  Here comes CAIR!

Large police presence at Tech High when fights broke out on September 25th. The brand new high school had recently opened.

From local Fox 9:

Charges expected for all 19 students involved in fight at St. Cloud high school

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (FOX 9) – Officials in St. Cloud, Minnesota said they’ve learned more about the large fight that broke out last Wednesday at St. Cloud Technical High School.  [LOL!  But they sure aren’t telling the public everything they know!—ed]

According to police, the fight appears to have started between two 16-year-old boys who had an issue with each other from a previous fight that occurred off school grounds.

The two boys – each accompanied by numerous friends – engaged in a mutual fight in a hallway in the school. This initial fight led to three more fights within a 10-minute period, involving the same students, all taking place at various different hallway locations. The number of students fighting grew as the friends now started to mutually and willingly fight each other. None of the altercations took place in any of the classrooms.

A St. Cloud police officer assigned to the school as a school resource officer was on scene and responded immediately, but multiple officers were sent to the school due to the number of individuals fighting. St. Cloud Tech was placed on lockdown by administrators as the school took security actions. In all, 20 police officers responded to the incident.

Three staff members received minor injuries while trying to stop the fights.

During the investigation, officers learned that a pocket knife had been displayed by one of the students during the fight. However, no one was injured by the knife. This student was one of the originally detained students and will be charged.

So far, 19 students have been identified as taking part in the fight, and charges are pending on each student.

Administration said none of the students involved in the incident will be returning to the school this school year, and serious disciplinary action up to and including expulsion will be considered for all involved.

I would like to update this post as soon as someone reports who was fighting and why!  Was it “ethnic tension” again?


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5 thoughts on “St. Cloud, Minnesota’s Tech High Once Again Roiled by Fighting

  1. And, this occurred, in St Cloud, only one week after the scheduled St Cloud Public Library panel presentation (MN Legal Director & MN ACLU – St Cloud Police Chief – Minneapolis Supervisory FBI Special Agent – MN Department of Human Rights Commissioner – executive director MN CAIR, Jaylani Hussein), open to the public, WAS ABRUPTLY CANCELLED AT THE LAST MINUTE.

    The panel title and subject? ‘Dismantling Hate Crimes’..

    According to this dubious group, it is WE who are the problem. According to ‘the panel’, MN Attorney General Keith (aka’s: ‘X’ – ‘Hakim’ – ‘Mohmad’) Ellison, MN Governor Tim Walz, WE are the racists, haters, bigots, Islamophobes, xenophobes, and guilty of the faked ‘White National’ crime of NOTICING..

    This is a classic case of intentional ‘Projection’, and WE – according to them – are supposed to be so stupid as to fall for this concocted nonsense..

    Why did they cancel the event just 2 hours prior? Many of us were extremely well prepared with materials, news stories, and spot-on questions, relating to this inane event, which they could not handle.

    Concerned ADULT citizens were coming to this event from all over the State of Minnesota, and they knew it..

    Their excuse? ‘Safety concerns’.. Bunk!

    In the words of Jack Nicholson (A Few Good Men).. They – ‘You can’t Handle The Truth’!

    Minnesota, and Minnesotans, are being set up, scammed, and played by these people, and all the way to the very top of the political and law enforcement food chain here.. THEY pretty much have all the ‘Public Authority’ bases covered now.

    See: East Carver County School Board Scandal, and Documentary.. You will get an earful and eyeful folks..

    The St Cloud Public Library was where I first met, the foul tempered, and race/Islamist/terrorist organization connected baiting MN CAIR (Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood) executive director, Jaylani Hussein.

    Then, the subject this con-man and huckster was peddling, was ‘Islamophobia leading to ‘Concentration Camps’, and his insane ‘Could this happen [ to them of course ] Again’, whilst referencing the post Pearl Harbor attack, and the temporary US based internment camps on the west coast, relating to Japanese Americans (A program and policy put in place by a Democrat President, by the way).. ‘CONCENTRATION CAMPS’! Ouch!

    Now, there is a powerful pile of bull dung I can tell you, and painful to have to witness.. But, silently I did.. Yuck!

    Now, 16 of the 40 St Cloud Tech High School Somali barbaric thugs (Jaylani’s flock of followers – ‘Attitude Reflects Leadership”) will not be allowed to remain students for the remainder of the school year, or so they say now. I am not holding my breath.

    And, for the CRIME of NOTICING, it is WE who are all of the above in terms of mean spirited (choose you epithet)..

    This is widespread ‘Public Authority’ FRAUD! And, it is extremely dangerous. WE live in a Minnesota war zone now.. And, WE are suffering from combat fatigue..

  2. Post Script..

    During his ‘Islamophobia Industry’, and his insane ‘Concentration Camp’ ‘Could This Happen Again?’ thesis and presentation, and after he marched in several tall Somali men, all dressed in black and alike, and position them strategically (a practiced drill to be certain) around the room in the back and corners (Praetorian Guard of sorts) toward the end of this 2 hour diatribe, Jaylani Hussein barked the following toward the women questioning him during his presentation..

    “We (Somali’s) will not be silenced – We will not be intimidated – and We now carry a BIG STICK”.. This message, attitude, and tenor was not well received by the audience, including me..

    He lost his cool that Saturday afternoon..

    And, in spite of my warm and winning smile, and pleasant demeanor, Mr. Hussein has lost ‘his cool’ with me several times over the course of the past 3 years, of his ‘Islamophobia Industry’ intellectually insulting slobber – and, ‘It’s what’s for dinner’ race-baiting gruel.. He even tried to have me arrested last year in a Church in St Paul, as I was signing in to register for yet but another of his oh so ‘smooth’ presentations to the Minnesota lemming crowd.

    He is however, ‘smooth’.. until he isn’t..

  3. Thank you Ann.. For reporting this news..

    ..and for introducing me to – sort of – Jaylani Hussein, and MN CAIR 3 years ago..

  4. The fighters are all under age. That might explain why there is so little information.

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