Maine High Schools Trying to Cope with Diversity

Pay attention because as formerly areas of the country that didn’t experience cultural and racial tensions in a previous generation are now being confronted with those issues in high schools (like the recent brawl at Tech High in St. Cloud, MN) they are scrambling to head off more trouble.

As the immigrant population continues to grow, will your community high school be discussing “diversity training” and developing “crew meetings,” “cultural think tanks,” and “civil rights teams?”

And, if that is something your family isn’t ready for, maybe it is time for home schooling!

How diverse is your state? This is a screenshot of a very cool interactive map at Wallethub.


This is an eye-opening story from the Portland Press Herald entitled:

As Maine schools grow more diverse, we need to talk

(A few snips, but read the whole thing!)

For students at Casco Bay High School, having conversations about topics that might be difficult to talk about is one of the most effective ways to ensure everyone feels welcome.

There are regular “courageous conversations” where students tackle big topics like gender, race and equity and daily “crew meetings” of small groups of students who check in with each other and break down the big discussions.


The school is part of one of Maine’s most racially diverse school districts – about 54 percent of students in the district are white, compared to 88 percent of students statewide.


More recent data from the Maine Department of Education shows that in the last 10 years there has been a 5 percent increase in nonwhite students and a 1 percent increase in the number of English language learners in Maine.

But pockets of the state, particularly those where new immigrants have settled, have seen growth that has far outpaced those numbers. Portland has seen a 13 percent increase in the racial diversity of its student body while Lewiston has seen a 20 percent increase.

I thought this might be the most informative paragraph in the whole long story:

And in Portland, students at Deering High School said the school’s high number of minority and economically disadvantaged students led people to spread rumors about the school that contributed to a sudden enrollment drop this fall.

More here.

Teachers unions and others making their living in the public school system must be quaking at the thought that people might just remove their kids from their schools.  And, therein lies the urgent need they feel to expand “diversity training” ASAP.



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6 thoughts on “Maine High Schools Trying to Cope with Diversity

  1. This forced diversity has been occurring for decades with the “Job Corps” programs.
    Disadvantaged yute from urban locations have been enticed to enter these rural programs in the hopes by the “Central Planners” that they would settle near there when they graduate (if they do).
    What normally happens is that some do stay, and with little in the way of skills that independent living requires, they end up on the welfare rolls.
    Everybody knows the story after that point.

  2. Living in Minnesota these days is very much like living in a nightmare, and you can’t wake up..

  3. Maine created a problem that was never there by admitting Africans through the wonderful world according to Obama.They have done it to them selves by trying to keep up with the democrats of destruction.Probably brought north by the snow birds or summer people from Boston.

  4. The very factual and material concerns are the basic tax dollar used to fund schools, law enforcement, hospitals, etc, and the special needs programs, is not paid by this faction, which
    is the property tax dollar, federal aid is a very small piece of the financial pie. In our area the
    actual graduation rate has reduced, basic scores lowered and even talk that the scoring needs
    to be changed or eliminated to increase GPA’s. UNREAL, people need to wake up and not move away. We’ve seen one new school built, and it graduation rate is 98% questioned, because its
    white, but look who has the programs and takes away all we grew up with and got for free, when we were kids, I’m now 65 born and raised here, and finally this school above is only 15 miles
    from Willmar, MN. who built 2 new schools, had a special adult school and every possiable
    program for diversity.

  5. Maine, one of the last bastions of civility, organization, peace and safety, is about to join the rest of America going down the sewer of diversity.

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