Why the Lack of Media Coverage about Seattle Decapitation Murder Involving 'New Americans'?

This must be an example of the *diversity and cultural enrichment* that we’ve been promised by the Democrats….

(Grim, a commenter at the Hal Turner Radio Show)

Reader Kris sent me this story and remarked that there was very little to be found in the news on the early-February murder and the police officer-involved shooting that finished off the murderer, and she is right.
If you go to Hal Turner Radio Show to view the police cam video, don’t open it if you are squeamish.
Kris is right.  Although some of the story is available at the Seattle Times, I had to go to the UK Daily Mail for what really happened.  Why didn’t this story make national news?

Police release footage of the moment an agitated knife-wielding suspect is shot dead by cops after ‘murdering his girlfriend by beheading her’ in a Seattle apartment


A knife-wielding suspect thought to have killed his girlfriend by ‘beheading’ her was shot dead by police when officers stormed the apartment.
Officers were called to a suspected domestic violence incident in Seattle and had to force the door open on February 7 at around 3.30am.

Seattle murderer and victim
Victim Vaquedano and alleged killer Rodriquez.  No mention of their immigration status.

Police found the suspect, named by police as Danny Rodriguez, 34, brandishing a knife and appearing agitated.
Officers soon noticed the weapon and shouted, ‘oh s***, get out’ with the second cop saying, ‘he’s got a knife’, as they peered through the crack of the door and saw the suspect inside the apartment.
Both officers told the man to ‘stay right there, don’t move, we will shoot you’ and ordered him to, ‘stop, don’t touch the knife’, before telling him to ‘look away’ and to ‘get down on the ground’.
They then saw a woman’s body lying on the floor, with one of the two cops saying ‘s***, she’s had her head cut off’.
The victim was later identified as 48-year-old Irma Rodriguez Vaquedano.
The Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) told the Seattle Times in a statement: ‘The suspect acted aggressively and gave the officers no choice but to fire their weapons to stop this threat.’
…. family members of Vaquedano, who is thought to be from Honduras, told Colombian newspaper El Heraldo, that the pair had been a couple for several years.

More here.

I guess it is going to be up to you to make sure this ‘diversity is beautiful’ news gets out more widely!
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9 thoughts on “Why the Lack of Media Coverage about Seattle Decapitation Murder Involving 'New Americans'?

  1. Ann the US media would be all over this gruesome story, had they gotten it first! Many times a great story slips by them, & it’s nothing to do with “hiding” or hushing it up. They have so many stories to do, & not enough (smart) people sending them content. By the way, the reason why all news channels in US say the same thing, have same stories is they get their content from the same providers. It’s like how all our products no matter the brand all are made by a few major manufacturers.
    This guy was Honduran- so is this woman, she killed her own child, now imprisoned in Utah https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.elheraldo.hn%2Fminisitios%2Fhondurenosenelmundo%2F1263154-471%2Fdetienen-a-hondure%25C3%25B1a-supuestamente-por-matar-a-golpes-a-su-hijo-de Says she’s Honduran meaning she is not a citizen.
    I make no secret that I am not a fan of Honduran migrants. I have yet to see one illegal Honduran that is a benefit to this country. I live in an area that has quite a few Central American illegals which is a suburb of Phoenix AZ.
    If we don’t put a stop to illegal immigration, it will NOT STOP until those Central American countries are emptied of their entire populations- which will be never. US cannot hold the entirety of the 3rd world’s poor, and raise their income level to 1st world- we’ll all be impoverished to the level of Haiti, but that’s what the UN wants! This is what they want: Pueblo Sin Fronteras, all of those groups want open borders and it’s only to implement the “Ending Poverty in All Its Forms Everywhere” campaign. Not “future democrat voters”, not “humanitarianism”, but redistribution of wealth. UN never bothers to give reasons why their poor. Americans are rich because we’re smart, work hard, have goals, finish school and respect the Golden Rule. These other people don’t, but UN wants them to get the income level we earned. It’s theft!

  2. One more thing Ann- In HONDURAS alone, almost half a billion USD is sent there per yr in remittances. That’s just Honduras alone, no other nations. All that money should stay in US. Why can’t our politicians embrace this idea? Keep US money in USA? Morocco has that law- it’s a serious crime to take ANY paper money out of Morocco, regardless of purpose. We should limit electronic remittances as well, in my opinion, or they should be subject to some sort of tax. It would never pass- too much politics on “Oh the humanity”
    Here is from El Heraldo, which is a HONDURAN newspaper, not Colombian as noted earlier by someone
    “Findings” 72.8% of migrants surveyed indicated remitting a monthly amount of 452 dollars”
    Here’s the paper, I just use Google Translate for it. I do understand some Spanish but I am not fluent. https://www.elheraldo.hn/ On the front page of today’s paper there are two photos of ICE MOST WANTED – two Honduran men, one for child sexual abuse and one for murder.
    “Kristian Jonas Gamez Trejo is wanted for having sex with a minor in Nov 2016, a crime considered serious in San Francisco Cty, California” Notice the “crime is considered serious… in California”! No mention of child’s age (was it a five year old child or a fifteen year old? male or female child??)
    Cheers Ann. Thank you for your blogs, posts and everything. You are so necessary in today’s America!!

  3. Great. Published: http://bit.ly/2UczeoZ
    On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 8:58 AM Frauds, Crooks and Criminals wrote:
    > Ann Corcoran posted: “This must be an example of the *diversity and > cultural enrichment* that we’ve been promised by the Democrats…. (Grim, a > commenter at the Hal Turner Radio Show) Reader Kris sent me this story > and remarked that there was very little to be found in” >

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