Cleveland: Suit against Catholic Charities in boy's shocking death

A social worker, employed through a contract with Catholic Charities of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland was supposed to be checking on and protecting the nine children in the Rodriguez home, but instead she had cooked up a deal with the children’s mother to obtain the family’s food stamps.
catholic charities diocese of cleveland
In exchange she allegedly turned a blind eye to abuse and deplorable living conditions that resulted in the death of a five-year-old boy whose body was buried in the back yard.
The case became known to the police when someone called from PAKISTAN with a tip!  WTH!
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Estate of Cleveland boy found buried in back yard sues Catholic Charities


CLEVELAND, Ohio — The estate of a 5-year-old Cleveland boy whose body was found in late 2017 buried behind his mother’s house has filed a lawsuit against the social services arm of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland that employed the worker who was supposed to keep tabs on the family.
The survivorship of Jordan Rodriguez filed the wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court against Catholic Charities, its employee Nancy Caraballo, the boy’s mother Larissa Rodriguez and her boyfriend Christopher Rodriguez.

nancy caraballo
Nancy Caraballo

The suit accuses Catholic Charities and Caraballo of recklessness, negligence and failing to report abuse the boy suffered in the two years leading up to his death. The estate, administrated by Michelle Rodriguez, seeks to take the case before a jury.
“While we cannot at this time comment on what is alleged in the lawsuit, Catholic Charities protects and advocates for those who are most vulnerable,” the statement said. “All employees undergo thorough background checks and extensive training with regard to ethics and specifically their duties to report child abuse or neglect.”
Jordan’s body was discovered buried in the family’s backyard in December 2017, after Cleveland police received a call from Pakistan that said Christopher Rodriguez confessed to burying the child.
Investigators responding to the call found the home in deplorable condition, and it wasn’t long before they uncovered that Caraballo, a parent educator at an agency contracted with Catholic Charities who was assigned to the Rodriguez family, had been buying Larissa Rodriguez’s food stamps at discounted prices and lying in her reports of her visits.
Caraballo was supposed to conduct monthly home visits to check on Rodriguez’s children and living conditions and file a report each time. But investigators subpoenaed her cellphone records and compared text messages between Caraballo and Rodriguez to the reports and found that, on at least 12 occasions, Caraballo simply showed up to Rodriguez’s house to pick up the food stamp card. She filed false reports that said she inspected the home.

More here.
The case will make you sick!
In February Caraballo plead not guilty here.
Then here in April she was sentenced to 3 years for the food stamp fraud.
And, now get this, she reformed in jail and was out in six months, here.

question markAs is usual there is no mention of the immigration status of either Caraballo or the Rodriquez duo.
But I am interested in why a call to police came from Pakistan. Were there Pakistani convenience store proprietors in on the food stamp fraud?


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16 thoughts on “Cleveland: Suit against Catholic Charities in boy's shocking death

  1. Hi Ann. I’m in Cleveland. I was actually adopted through Catholic Charities many years ago, obviously before they became more concerned with illegals and importing Muslims. This story is just one of thousands more like it across the country. From open borders to welfare scams, educating the kids of illegals and using our tax dollars to fund our replacements. Anyhow, my father was at St Augustine Manor nursing home, where Catholic Charities is located and early in the morning the newly arrived middle easterners would be gathered in the lobby getting ready to be sent out into the surrounding communities. It’s all so unbelievable.

  2. This is one I worked on a few years back that just turns my stomach. She should be the poster child for the so-called Dreamers.
    Emily Rubi Cortes
    18 Jul 2014 – 8 Sep 2014
    Akron, OH – Emily Rubi Cortes was only 7 weeks old when she died at the hands of her illegal alien day care provider, Laura Flores-Santillan. Although her provider had been in the United States illegally for at least 11 years, she had never bothered to become a legal citizen, learn English, or CPR, and was caring for nine children in her home without the certification required by her state of Ohio.
    Emily was in her provider’s care for only the 4th time when her lifeless body was rushed to the neighbor across the street for help. The neighbor called 911, and the operator was able to walk them through CPR, successfully reviving the baby until medical help could arrive. Unfortunately, Emily was in very bad shape, and would never fully recover. Her family would make the agonizing decision to let her go four days later on 8 Sep 2014.
    Her death was ruled a homicide by blunt force cranial trauma by the Summit County Medical Examiner.
    Emily’s Illegal Alien provider got 5 years on an Alford plea. U.S. taxpayers are paying for her incarceration, just as we paid for her lawyer and her interpreter at her trial. According to the judge, we are paying for her immigration attorney as well.
    Laura Flores-Santillan – Perp
    Roberto Gaytan-Rodriguez – Perp’s husband of 33 years
    Arraignment-No interpreter can be found..???
    Based on many known facts, I surmise that Emily’s family also falls into the Illegal Alien category. These things tend to get swept under the rug in the news. Not one headline mentions that the babysitter is an Illegal Alien. I can’t find ANY articles, interviews, video, donation requests, etc., mentioning the child’s parents by name, and there seems to be no U.S. Birth or Death Certificate, so this baby does not even exist on record as of 13 Feb 2017. Even the Obituary is a big ZERO. Have they been deported yet for putting their “dreamer anchor baby” KNOWINGLY in harms way? What about the perp Laura and her family? Are they gone yet?

    1. So sad for the baby and such a shame for America. The media is a disgrace. If more people knew about all this, maybe they would have long ago risen up and demanded the border be closed. Let’s all try harder to get these stories out around the mainstream media.

      1. Yes, I sent that one to Laura Ingraham long ago. I heard nothing.
        They should have all been put in prison, and the keys thrown away. The church too. They know all this is going on. They are complicit.

  3. Welcome to third world USA..
    I can’t figure out who is worse.. The people committing these atrocities, or those enabling, and aiding and abetting this sort of horror.
    I would have gladly taken that 5 year old off their hands, and into my life.
    Too many people today, including far too many in leadership positions in OUR country now, just plain stink worse than a four-day-old fish left to rot in the sun..
    …”Attitude reflects leadership”, as they say.. ..and just look at the leadership all around us now.. Let’s start with Pelosi ans Schumer…and company.. They just don’t give a damn..

  4. Great. Published:
    On Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 7:28 AM Frauds, Crooks and Criminals wrote:
    > Ann Corcoran posted: “A social worker, employed through a contract with > Catholic Charities of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland was supposed to be > checking on and protecting the nine children in the Rodriguez home, but > instead she had cooked up a deal with the children’s mothe” >

  5. Catholic Charities seems to be getting ever closer to the necessity of an overall investigation and prosecution of their activities. The Justice Department needs to look into them: they clearly don’t respect Anerican values or interests.

  6. Wow, shocking. This is horrendous. It needs to be circulated, so glad it was posted on the Last Refuge at the Treehouse! Thank you Ann Corcoran for your work!

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