Santelli Rants Again! Will he Galvanize America as he did in 2009?

King Joe and Queen Kamala, if crowned in January, will have their hands full.

Do you remember 2009 when Obama and Joe first came to the White House and CNBC Business editor Rick Santelli went on his famous rant credited with being the inspiration for the Tea Party that clearly was the precursor to Donald Trump’s successful America First (MAGA) movement?

Santelli ranted again and this time it was in defense of churches and small businesses like restaurants which are being shuttered supposedly to protect us from the Chinese virus while Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and the like are somehow allowed to be open with hundreds of customers milling about.

See what he said this time….


We have been focused on the electionย and the revelations of massive fraud, but I think we need to be looking at what is going on in Europe as a sign of the unrest Joe and Kamala will be presented with if more lockdowns, mask mandates or mandatory vaccinations are part of their governing plan.

Here is what happened in London in October.

I’ve said this before, and you likely will disagree with me, but if Trump does not prevail in his legal challenges to the massive election fraud we know happened, that in many ways it might be much better for him and us that he is on the outside leading a MAGA movement.

Just this morning I’ve been reading one article after another about how the deep state is on steroids internally working against Trump and his people, about how some Republican Senators are already signaling that they want more cheap labor for big businesses, and how many Republican ‘leaders’ are cutting and running to work all manner of deals with the Dems.

Let illegitimately elected Joe (ha! ha!) be responsible for trying to tamp down the growing anger of 74 million Americans who believe the election was stolen and don’t want to be shutdown, don’t want open borders, don’t want lawlessness on our streets, don’t want China influencing anything we do, and are sick of the globalists in both parties running our lives.

Since the days of the Tea Party rebellion of 2009, the movement, now known as MAGA, has grown up as it has grown younger and more diverse. I don’t think it will be easily silenced.

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One thought on “Santelli Rants Again! Will he Galvanize America as he did in 2009?

  1. Love Rick Santelli. He is my idol. Did you also notice the smug stock channel guy laughing at Santelli like he is so smart and above the lowly Santelli. He said listen to the ‘science’. What a stupid leftwing talking point. Just like when they are at a loss for a good argument they call you a ‘racist’. Don’t they have any original comments of their own? The left has to use the approved talking points. Good for Rick. I hope he does start a rebellion. Business owners are starting to stand up to this tyranny. We all need to support them. Shop small business, drop Verizon, T mobile, and AT&T, use Patriot mobile. Drop Facebook and Twitter, use Parler & Rumble. These are things we can all do without resorting to violence.

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