Biden: I’ll develop a disease (lie about a disease?) and resign

Did good ol’ demented Joe spill the beans again?

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4 thoughts on “Biden: I’ll develop a disease (lie about a disease?) and resign

  1. Turns out ole Joe really IS a truth teller! The Harris Administration DIDN’T need our votes!

  2. He can’t help himself. He has open mouth insert foot disease.

    He also has the best fraud team ever.

  3. What Joe is doing is trying to warn us all that he is being blackmailed by the Democrats over him and his son’s illegal activities. If he doesn’t go along they will expose him that’s why he’s saying these things about getting sick or or saying they have the best voter frout teamever assembled it’s a warning to us that all is not right with this election !!! That’s what I think is behind his comments. Just my thoughts on this matter. 🙊🙉🙈

    1. That is an interesting take worth considering. One day we will find out the truth, hopefully sooner than later!

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