Pinned Post: From Biden’s Own Mouth!

I’ve mentioned this before, but will keep it pinned at the top of Frauds & Crooks for as long as Joe Biden is on the national stage (or Youtube censors it!).

Nothing could be more fitting here on a blog about fraud!

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And, that brings us to this.  From a speech in DETROIT!

8 thoughts on “Pinned Post: From Biden’s Own Mouth!

  1. If Joe Biden is installed as president on Jan 20 2021 blood must run in the streets and that blood must be the liberals, socialists and Democrats that have stolen this election.

    1. Oh yeh, and what did YOU all do to Trump for 4 years! Turn about is fair play! And, the shame is on all those who propped up a man who has serious mental problems, so much for Leftwing humanitarians.

  2. Sorry, that should have read, “Biden,” not Baden. And, the Star Trek episode was called “Patterns of Force” about a “leader” led by others!

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