Codevilla on the Ruling Class: They are after YOU!

“It had been decided. You peons shut up and obey.”

(Angelo Codevilla writing at American Greatness)

“They” are bipartisan political elites who run the country, says Codevilla in his classic opening salvo in 2010.

They think that by destroying Trump, they will destroy you, the country class, the peons, says professor, author and thinker Angelo Codevilla.

In an age where we don’t want to read more than a few sentences at Twitter (or anywhere), it is important to take a few minutes to read and digest the work of someone who has had your back for more than a decade.

I’ve snipped just a bit of the latest from Codevilla here at American Greatness. (hat tip: Richard)

He says we, the great United States has become an oligarchy, no longer a Constitutional Republic but a country governed by a small group of the ‘elite.’

(Emphasis below is mine)

From Ruling Class to Oligarchy

Roughly half the country is living under an alien regime that means to harm us socially, politically, and economically.


Angelo M. Codevilla

“By its campaign and conduct of the 2020 election, the ruling class ceased pretending to be part of a constitutional republic. By treating fellow Americans as inferiors through word and deed, its members renounced their common citizenship with us. Eschewing persuasion, they set about compelling obedience to an openly manipulated election.

Thus did they burn their bridges to the rest of America as surely as did Hernán Cortéz when he burned the ships that had carried his troops to conquer the Aztec empire. Henceforth, they must rule or ruin as the oligarchy they have become.”

Codevilla continues….

This is how it happened. It had been clear to that class that Trump was dangerous only because he represented his “deplorable” supporters. The ruling class sought to resist them by dispiriting them and discrediting them in their own and others’ eyes. Demonizing Trump was the means by which they sought to do this.

Arguably the American country class’ principal mistake between 2016 and 2020 was to suppose that the Left was actually after Trump, rather than set about crushing them and killing the American regime.


And then Election Night. As predicted, election officials in places controlled by the Left stopped counting until it was clear how many ballots it would take for Trump to be defeated. The requisite number came, filled out by no one knows who. And then . . . who wouldn’t have predicted it? The call came from all of society’s commanding heights: Trump’s defeat had been declared.By whom? By the folks on these varied heights—certainly not by the authorities designated by the Constitution to decide who wins and loses.


But the more instances of fraud the Trump campaign sought to investigate, the louder and from more sources sounded the judgment that there was nothing to investigate. It had been decided. You peons shut up and obey.

That is how oligarchies work.

What may be done about this is another story. But the story’s premise is that it must begin with the realization that the conservative more-or-less half of American life is living under an alien regime that means to continue harming us socially and morally just as much as economically. Plainly, we find ourselves in a (mostly not yet violent) state of war. The beginning of such safety as we may work out for ourselves is to regard our rulers as they regard us.

Continue reading here.

Yes, it is that serious. The ruling class wants people like you and me destroyed. People like those who marched in Washington a week ago.


And, I read Codevilla’s closing paragraph above to mean we have to understand the stakes and fight like our lives and the country we love depends on it.

I know its hard for decent people to consider that we must “regard our rulers as they regard us” which is a nice way of saying they HATE US and therefore….!

Long live America First!

Update!  No sooner had I published this post, when this tweet came to my attention.  Liz Cheney is a ruling class superstar!

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7 thoughts on “Codevilla on the Ruling Class: They are after YOU!

  1. I think Codevilla is brilliant and I agree with most of what he says. But he misses something here. The ruling class is motivated to bring down Trump himself as a separate goal, not just a means or a side effect to crushing ordinary Americans. Trump hates corruption, and our ruling class is incredibly corrupt. Very little of what he does in this area makes much news, but from day one he has been going after human trafficking. (Even his widely attacked separation of children from their families is an attempt to find which “parents” are not their real parents but traffickers — a large percentage.) He understands how incredibly corrupt many politicians of all stripes are. He sees that the bulk of government regulations are the fruit of corrupt deals benefiting some companies and organizations at the expense of the people. That’s just a start. Of course the corrupticrats know this, and they have spared nothing in their vicious campaign to get rid of him.

    1. Oh yes, I see that they want him gone, but remember how much they hated us, the Tea Party (around 2008 or so), before Trump was even on the scene. Remember back in 2007 when the religious left was dumping refugees into our rural county and you made a point that has stuck with me ever since. You said, they wanted to shove diversity down our country-class throats, just because we were what, rubes, rednecks, gun owning types of people (you didn’t use those words, but you know what I mean!)they hated. They assume, wrongly I hope, that if they can destroy Trump we will all go away and let them take over the country.

        1. That is a good one! It is stunning how things have completely flipped. Now the Left is on the side of Wall Street and BIG business, And on the side of warmongers like Biden. Remember when we went to Washington to counter protest the looney Lefties attacking Bush and our brave military. Remember all those anti-war Lefties demanding we get out of the Middle East and now they oppose Trump who is getting us out of those useless wars and supporting Biden who wants to expand our presence in Syria etc.

  2. #3 of what? In line for the men’s room? Give it up. Liz is no superstar, unless in her mind.

    I am guessing those who yell the loudest have benefited BIGLY from the Dominion Systems.

    We are over the target. Get under your desks. Incoming. Incoming.

    1. I guess I wasn’t clear! She is a superstar of the ruling class (one of the bad guys) and because she is a Republican it makes her even worse!

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