It was obvious to most of Trump’s loyal army of followers in the final leadup to November 3rd that there was a slight change of tone at Fox News, the go-to cable news channel for most of conservative America, but the message was in full view on election night—Fox had joined the anti-Trump media, the fake news!

We have been hearing that viewers are abandoning Fox in droves and switching to Newsmax and/or One America News, or simply getting news from a variety of sites on line.

Here Gateway Pundit provides the data that seals it.  Viewers are leaving in droves demonstrating the potential political muscle Trump’s Army of 70 million plus supporters must flex going forward.


By the way, when you read the story and see how well CNN and MSNBC are doing in comparison, keep in mind that’s not because more of America is turning Left it is just compared to the tanking of Fox.

We are completely weaned from Fox News in my house.  Tucker was the last to go.  BTW, I am really liking Greg Kelly‘s show at Newsmax (I can’t get OAN where I live).  Check it out.  You will recognize him from Fox along with other hosts at Newsmax.

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6 thoughts on “Gateway Pundit: OH MY GOSH! FOX NEWS CRASHED!!

  1. What about Mark Levin on Sunday evening?
    I haven’t given up on Tucker or Lou Dobbs. Otherwise, I have been getting my news on Conservative Radio now.

  2. Other than Tucker, I haven’t been watching Fox for months. Fox pulled this during the 2016 election. As soon as Trump won the presidential candidacy, Fox became hostile. Before that, they appeared to support him. Trump supporters were calling “foul” and “Boycott Fox.” How soon naive Trump voters forgot, though, tuning in again after Fox changed its tune.

    Roger Ailes told all hosts to do whatever they could to destroy Trump, but to his face, Ailes was being nice. Wonder why Megan Kelly asked Trump the questions she did?

    When Trump won, Fox did an about face and was nicey, nicey, again.

    I suppose we need to remember, Murdoch’s sons running Fox are liberal.

    Well, Tucker did an about face last night…claiming fraudulent voting is real and gave examples. It’s amazing what falling ratings can do. I liked Tucker and still undecided if I will give him my time anymore. Right now, I’m watching Newsmax. I prefer OANN, but Comcast doesn’t offer it, so I will need to work on them to carry it, but Comcast is liberal, too.

  3. We no longer watch nor listen to Fox News since the election. Gave up on The Five. Tucker he’s gone, arrogant butt. Hannity never really liked his preaching. Ingram has been acceptable. But for the most part I want to thank Fox News as I wouldn’t have found Newsmax. Just wish we got OAN but I am sure there is away.

  4. I’m enjoying the dense-info publications of VDARE and JBS’ ‘The New American.”

  5. Exactly what happening here. Tucker’s attack on Sidney along with his sowing seeds of doubt peppered thru his message was the end of him. Still like Sean Hannity except he repeats the same thing over and over only need to listen once a month.

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