Everyone is Leaving Facebook and Twitter, what about you?

Editor: Don’t miss my update to yesterday’s report on the historic event in Washington, DC  on Saturday!

The stories are everywhere and each of you will have to make up your mind sooner or later.  I don’t have the energy this morning to go into all the ins and outs of what is going on with this social media revolution that began long before the 2020 Election was fully underway.

As for me, I am considering leaving both platforms for one major reason, in addition to the desire to no longer participate in building the anti-Trump Zuckerberg and Dorsey family fortunes, and that is that any social media account requires attention to followers daily and I just can’t do that and haven’t been for some time because I want to enjoy living for some portion of each day!.

I was going to apologize again today for being so remiss in responding to everyone’s comments etc. at my e-mail accounts and at Facebook so when many of you in recent days have sent stories (here is one) about the big moves to Parler, I figured it was time to apologize again for my lack of attention.

I will let you know what I decide to do.

That said, I am still using Twitter to find out a lot of what is going on even as I have nothing earthshattering to add myself.

Here is a tweet I pinned to my account yesterday that I am going back to from time to time to laugh and cheer up.

To set the stage an obviously black pro-Trump supporter is holding a flag as a white elitist motorist drives up and either attempts to grab the flag or otherwise does something aggressive.

“All that HATE!!!!”

So there is the value of Twitter for me!

P.S.  Our cable guy comes today to set us up to receive Newsmax TV.  Bye Bye Fox News.