Everyone is Leaving Facebook and Twitter, what about you?

Editor: Don’t miss my update to yesterday’s report on the historic event in Washington, DC  on Saturday!

The stories are everywhere and each of you will have to make up your mind sooner or later.  I don’t have the energy this morning to go into all the ins and outs of what is going on with this social media revolution that began long before the 2020 Election was fully underway.

As for me, I am considering leaving both platforms for one major reason, in addition to the desire to no longer participate in building the anti-Trump Zuckerberg and Dorsey family fortunes, and that is that any social media account requires attention to followers daily and I just can’t do that and haven’t been for some time because I want to enjoy living for some portion of each day!.

I was going to apologize again today for being so remiss in responding to everyone’s comments etc. at my e-mail accounts and at Facebook so when many of you in recent days have sent stories (here is one) about the big moves to Parler, I figured it was time to apologize again for my lack of attention.

I will let you know what I decide to do.

That said, I am still using Twitter to find out a lot of what is going on even as I have nothing earthshattering to add myself.

Here is a tweet I pinned to my account yesterday that I am going back to from time to time to laugh and cheer up.

To set the stage an obviously black pro-Trump supporter is holding a flag as a white elitist motorist drives up and either attempts to grab the flag or otherwise does something aggressive.

“All that HATE!!!!”

So there is the value of Twitter for me!

P.S.  Our cable guy comes today to set us up to receive Newsmax TV.  Bye Bye Fox News.

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14 thoughts on “Everyone is Leaving Facebook and Twitter, what about you?

  1. I never felt a need to sign up for or participate in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Heck, I don’t even have an iPhone. Could never understand the fascination by others with being sucked into a black hole of disinformation and propaganda.

  2. Take a look at Gab. It seems to get good reviews. Facebook and Twitter both are are ego trips for the egocentrics.

  3. I simply use Facebook to post news from Parler. Other than that, I ignore responses and notifications.

  4. Just a side comment: there was an old joke: A guy walks into a bar and there is only one other guy there . Ever so often the first guy hits himself in the head with a hammer and orders another drink. This goes on for a while and finally the new guy asks the other why he does that. The guy with the hammer says ‘it feels so good when I quit”.
    I quit Facebook years ago .I realized it was largely little ego groups reinforcing whatever dominant attitude in the brood,flock,horde,mob,swarm,throng,crowd or gathering was.

  5. I will remain on Facebook as long as I can as I have several library groups for the metal detecting hobbyist. Plus my Security Team has a page on there too.
    I have switched over to Parler & MeWe for my political voice.

  6. I was banned from FB for years for my right wing bias, and have been suspended from Twitter cause ???? No regrets.

  7. So glad to hear most are getting off these leftwing propaganda holes. I was on both twitter and Facebook. I am weaning off of both because I need to slowly unfollow all of the posters. I am still keeping a private family page where I can view and post family pix. I don’t know how to delete my regular account and still keep that. I have joined parler but it takes time to learn it and get your followers and those you follow on board. There is not another one like Facebook where you can just communicate with a select group like family and post pix. IF someone knows of one, post it here. Parler is more like Twitter. But I do feel the need not to support these globalist dictators like Zuckerface and Bearded one (twitter) frustrated hippie I presume. We all need to stick it to the globalists.

  8. My advice is to keep your account and just quit using it or do the bare minimum to maintain. I never did any of that social media stuff for real but I had several fake Facebook accounts over the years that I foolishly deleted, since I didn’t want to be lending my “support”, even with a fake account. That was a dumb move, as it is almost impossible to fake an account now and the longest I’ve been able to keep one is about two days tops (and it’s a major hassle to do it). You never know when you might need it again. If the phrase “internet ghetto” ever applied to anything, it’s Facebook–they have their own internet police force and I’m in awe at how many people seriously use that service. The last time I checked out Facebook it literally made me feel sick.

    1. That is a good idea. Keep it just in case, but don’t spend time trying to keep it current (which it isn’t anymore).

  9. There’s no reason why any conservative should be on Twitter or Fakebook.

    1. The issue for me is that as a blogger who wants to get one’s work out far and wide, there is a reason to be on social media, but even for that it may not any longer be worth it.

  10. Yep leaving all platforms that are silencing personal thought. FB, Twitter, google, amazon the rest I was never on.
    If they can silence the President of the USA they can silence anyone that doesn’t agree to their agenda.

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