Twitter Sends Me a Notice: They Investigate a German’s Complaint About My Post Yesterday

If you missed it, that post where I reported on an interview with retired General Thomas McInerney who called the election heist we have been witnessing a treasonous act, is here.

Imagine my surprise to get this notice (below) from Twitter.  And, imagine my further surprise to learn that someone in Germany can use a German law to silence my speech!

Here is a screenshot.  I am assuming this is legitimate as the link in the e-mail takes you to a Twitter page, here.


Oh joy, Twitter ruled in my favor….

But, what the heck is the Network Enforcement Act?

It is a controversial GERMAN law passed in 2017!

Reporters Without Borders and other critics spoke of a “rush job” that “could massively damage the basic right to freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

So Germans can complain to Twitter about something I, an American citizen, is saying about an American election! 

I wonder if Twitter asks the complainer for proof of German residency or citizenship?

By the way, I know that Twitter has messed with my account @RefugeeWatcher there for a very long time, so I am not worrying about gathering more followers, nor do I tweet much, but it is, for now, a very handy place to get real time news on the election fraud such as the President’s tweet about the Hannity interview in my previous post.

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8 thoughts on “Twitter Sends Me a Notice: They Investigate a German’s Complaint About My Post Yesterday

    1. That is what everyone tells me. I did sign up for it at one point months ago and then realized I didn’t have time to properly take part in it so deleted my account. I find it hard to just get my blog posts written (and have a life!) and thus little time for nurturing a social media account too.

    2. And, one more thing! I won’t have the joy of exposing censorship if I am on parler because everyone there would agree with me (or at least I assume so). A lot of the conservative big tweeters on Twitter are still on Twitter for my reading pleasure.

  1. Beijing Biden and leftists would love to see America ruled by unelected ruling class leaders in Brussels as they now rule over the EU. This twitter threat is an example of it.

  2. Seriously, everybody should at least check out Even if you don’t have time to do your own posting it is a good source of news and information.

    1. Yes, that would be the value for me. Just to use as a moment by moment news source.

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