Ballots Driven From New York to Lancaster, PA

This interview with Sean Hannity last night is a must watch.

I know it is one of the many many examples of patriotic Americans coming forward to say they witnessed some aspect of the massive, apparently coordinated fraud, but I was particularly interested in the destination of pallets of ballots driven across state lines to Lancaster, PA.

First watch the video.  I guess Fox News has realized that they better let some of their hosts talk about the big steal or suffer more defections to Newsmax or OAN!


What do you think of when you think of Lancaster, PA?  I bet it’s the bucolic countryside and the large peaceful Amish community there!

I don’t!

I think of how Lancaster, PA changed my life in 2007 when Muslim refugees from Russia were supposed to be placed there and instead were diverted to my rural county in Maryland.  It was that act that caused me to spend the next 13 years writing my other blog Refugee Resettlement Watch.

(See my extensive archive on Lancaster, here.)

Lancaster, PA is considered the ‘Refugee Capital of the USA’ a reputation that Church World Service has nurtured for over a decade.  CWS is one of nine federal resettlement contractors that is working to change America by changing the people.  CWS is a leading member of the ‘religious’ Left and a politically active socialist group.

The city of Lancaster’s leadership is about as far Left as it could be.  It would be a very good place to hide (until needed) pallets of ballots generated in New York.

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6 thoughts on “Ballots Driven From New York to Lancaster, PA

  1. Ann, it is the same with me for Las Vegas… was a wonderful city, safe, more churches than casinos. Great weather, friendly people…..then in 2008 the Cali Left moved in for better housing prices, got jobs in all levels of government. It is now a sanctuary city, very dangerous, and not so safe now.
    They ruined a perfectly good city….then some went on over to AZ….it’s a mess. I lived there while putting my youngest through college.

    Dems are worse than the plague.

  2. Truck ballots to Lancaster and let new Americans remove and shred all the Trump ballots. Open borders are job #1. Seriously though, has ANYONE offered up a reason to truck mail in ballots across state lines? Please put pressure on these key state reps by using these links and templates, (from a FB user) : I have created a generic form letter to lobby the representatives in the six key contested states. I encourage my friends to cut and paste from my template and email them all yourselves. Here are the files for your use. (Next effort for me will be to work on adding all the evidence I can find as a contributor to

  3. 1 more action, contact SCOTUS, treason has been committed! Respectfully ask them to take up the cases as needed to overturn the fraudulent results.
    Subject: “WE THE PEOPLE” have a voice and it needs to be heard!!
    Comment: Send a comment that you voted for Trump/Pence and you demand a full investigation of this election!
    This takes 2 seconds. Let’s infiltrate the email inbox of the Supreme Court and let them know we are not standing by the dishonest media, corrupt liberal Democrats, and any illegal votes!
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    Contact Us

  4. Very sad for our country. It seems like it is all inevitable and nothing we do will change the course of events. I am not trying to be a downer but when the DOJ is against the President and the country, when there is talk of charging the President of the US and his children, when widespread cheating is testimony in official hearings that is coordinated with the USPS and the Democrats, then is there any recourse? The other side does not care if Americans have no trust in the election process, they are in power. It is downhill from here unless a miracle happens. We should all pray.

  5. ‘Nothing to see here’? ‘Just move along’?

    I don’t think so..

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