FBI in Nigeria: Another Arrest Made in Major Fraud Scheme

Remember the story a few weeks ago about the FBI arresting over a dozen Nigerians (aka ‘new Americans’) operating out of the US to steal from unsuspecting Americans and others.

Here is a brief story from Nigerian media about a new bust in the case.  It interested me to see that our FBI is working in Africa to find the frauds and crooks who rip-off mostly vulnerable American women.

FBI List: We’ve Arrested Emmanuel Adedeji Oluwatosin, Uncovered N1 Billion In His Account – EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) in collaboration with the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation has Emmanuel Adedeji Oluwatosin, one of the 77 Nigerians indicted by the US government over a large-scale scam.


Two cars – Mercedes Benz E550 and Mercedes Benz C450 -, an iPhone, laptops, a modem and SIM cards were seized from his residence.

He was paraded in Sokoto State on Thursday, following his arrest in Kaduna State.

According to the Zonal Head, Abdullahi Lawal, Oluwatosin and his accomplices acquired retirement account information (RAI) and personally identifiable information (PII) of multiple persons which they used to wire funds into newly-created business bank accounts.

The proceeds were then converted to cryptocurrency.

Preliminary investigations, EFCC noted, showed that about N1,437,889,157.15 passed through the suspect’s accounts. [If I did the conversion correctly that should be about $4 million in USD.—ed]

Seventy million naira from that money had been traced, said Lawal as he said efforts were on to recover the money.

Do the math, I think you will see the vast majority of the money will never be recovered.

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2 thoughts on “FBI in Nigeria: Another Arrest Made in Major Fraud Scheme

  1. What is frightening is the American women who buy into these scams. What is their thought pattern? They buy into this love story that is obviously not real and pour money into it. I have known several women who wrote to prisoners (same thing) and the prisoners will tell the women whatever they want to hear to get things, get out, get a sponsor, etc. I am amazed at the neediness of American women. I personally think they believe they buy into the belief they are this person’s only lifeline and are saving these dirtbags from their fate. This makes them feel good about themselves.

    1. Yes, I have wondered that too…there are some very naive (lonely?) women out there.

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