Doctor Sentenced to Prison in Bank Fraud Case, Could be Deported When Released

I hate these stories about bank fraud because they have so many twists and turns that they make my head spin.

Dr. Aslam
Dr. Zahid Aslam is going to jail!

And, this one might not have been worth even writing about except that a headline caught my eye—a rare headline that uses the word “deportation” because he was in the country illegally as he proceeded to defraud us.

I was also interested because the crook was practicing medicine in Maryland (New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware as well).

Here is the headline at the Business Journal,

Former doctor faces possible deportation after being sentenced to prison in fraud case

I couldn’t access that story because apparently I’ve read too many stories there recently, but don’t worry because the case of gynecologist Dr. Zahid Aslam is covered extensively in other publications going back a couple of years.

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Beware Loan Modification Fraud by Foreigners

Justice Dept. logoIt wasn’t a huge amount of fraud (as these schemes go), but what interested me most in this story is the headline used by the Dept. of Justice to announce the two-year sentence for the perps.

The headline does not read: “Virginia couple….” or “Alexandria couple….”, it reads,

South American Couple Sentenced to Prison for Fraud Conspiracy

What on earth is going on—no secret decoder ring needed!  It is right there in the headline: “South American couple….”   A very rare headline indeed!

I’m also posting this news as a public service to anyone looking to do a home loan modification.  Beware!

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