Indian National Ripped off Americans/Others for Millions via Call Center Scam

He was on the run and we tracked him down in Singapore.

If you’ve ever gotten one of those calls where someone tells you they are from the IRS and you owe money, surely you hung up! However thousands of gullible people did not hang up and sent this Indian crook their hard-earned money.

Well one more of the international crooks ripping us off will now be behind bars.

Thanks to reader Charles for tipping me off about this story, here is the US Justice Department news about Hitesh Madhubhai Patel aka Hitesh Hinglaj, 43, of Ahmedabad, India:

(By the way, I like the fact that we are now seeing mention of the nationality of crooks more prominently mentioned sparing us from having to spend time playing the secret decoder ring game with the criminal’s name.)

Indian national convicted of role in call center scam that victimized thousands in the U.S.

HOUSTON – An Indian national has entered a guilty plea for his role in operating and funding India-based call centers which defrauded thousands of victims out of millions of dollars between 2013 and 2016.

Hitesh Madhubhai Patel aka Hitesh Hinglaj, 43, of Ahmedabad, India, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud as well as a general conspiracy to commit identification fraud, access device fraud, money laundering and to impersonate a federal officer or employee.

“Hitesh Patel played a prominent role in this massive, India-based fraud scheme that bilked vulnerable Americans out of millions of dollars,” said Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. “This important resolution would not have occurred without the assistance of our Singaporean colleagues, to whom we extend our deep appreciation.”

Patel and his conspirators perpetrated a complex scheme in which employees from call centers in Ahmedabad, India, impersonated officials from the IRS and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). They also engaged in other telephone call scams designed to defraud victims throughout the United States. U.S. victims were threatened with arrest, imprisonment, fines or deportation if they did not pay alleged monies owed to the government.

An image of a call center at a website that also reported this news entitled: ‘Financial Fraud News’.

Those who fell victim to the scammers were instructed how to provide payment, including by purchasing general purpose reloadable (GPR) cards or wiring money. Upon payment, the call centers would immediately turn to a network of “runners” based in the United States to liquidate and launder the fraudulently-obtained funds.

In his plea, Patel admitted to operating and funding several India-based call centers from which the fraud schemes were perpetrated, including organizational co-defendant call center HGLOBAL. Patel frequently corresponded by email and WhatsApp messaging with co-defendants to exchange credit card numbers, telephone scam scripts, deposit slips, payment information, call center operations information, instructions and bank account information. The scripts included impersonation of IRS, USCIS, Canada Revenue Agency and Australian Tax Office personnel as well as payday loan, U.S. government grant and debt collection fraud schemes.

Patel also received monthly income and expense reports to his personal email from the call centers and used his Indian cell phone number to access GPR cards through automated telephone systems on many occasions.

A co-defendant described Patel as “the top person in India and the boss for whom most of the other defendants worked.” Another co-defendant claimed Patel was arrested in India in 2016, but paid a bribe and was released. Additionally, Patel admitted he was accountable for approximately $25-65 million.

Patel was extradited from Singapore in April 2019 to face charges in this large-scale telefraud and money laundering scheme. Singapore authorities apprehended Patel at the request of the United States pursuant to a provisional arrest warrant in September 2018 after Patel flew there from India.

As I have said before, the President should regularly highlight all of the scams his Justice Department is busting.

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4 thoughts on “Indian National Ripped off Americans/Others for Millions via Call Center Scam

  1. And don’t forget the Indian immigrant (illegal?) who perpetrated the enormous gas-pump fraud in the 90’s, buying up lots of gas stations in which he reprogrammed, using underground hardware, all the gas pumps, to indicate much higher amounts of gas pumped than that actually pumped, making millions for him and all his Indian conspirators.

    And of course Patel is the family name of the gigantic, worldwide extended family that owns and operates all the cheap, rip-off urban slum hotels characterized by drug pushers, prostitution, gangs, etc.

    And of course the infamous Indian Wall Street financial criminal who ripped off millions, Ransuratnam:

    1. Thanks so much for the additional info…probably enough cases to have a spinoff—Indian Frauds Crooks and Criminals, and Turkish Frauds, Crooks and Criminals, and how about Iraqi Frauds and Crooks… and the list goes on!

  2. Great work from the Justice Department and their allies bringing this guy to stand trial for his crimes.
    It appears this is the new Nigeria type scam with the 401 scams.

    I must mention that for the past 3 months I get calls from Indians – guys like this one – trying to convince me that my social security number has been compromised. Their accent give it away together with the phone numbers they use.
    I grilled one after getting 6 plus calls asking questions like the phone numbers they call from, demanding to know their name to check whether they work for the SSA among others. After telling the guy who called that day that the SSA would never make a call like that and rather send a letter which is customary. I also informed him that I would report his shady call and forward it to authorities.

    So yes I do hope that their newest scam about ‘compromised’ social security numbers is stopped pronto since its another schtick ending up scaring the elderly or unsuspecting citizens falling for that scam that could end up getting their identity stolen.

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