Illinois: Nursing Home Sued Over Abuse of Elderly Dementia Patient

“You just can’t believe you’re seeing this. You think your mom is safe and now this is going on.”

(Joan Biebel, Margaret Collins’ daughter)

Here is the pair of aides who taunted a 91-year-old patient in their care at a Chicago area nursing home, filmed their sick game and posted it on Snapchat.

Montesa and Lopez
Jamie Montesa and Brayan Cortez will be in court later this month. Not only are the pair uncaring and mean-spirited, they are stupid for posting their ‘game’ on the internet.

The first version of the story I saw yesterday was at a UK publication.

What! People in the UK know about this and we don’t!  But, this morning I see the story was reported locally.

Any sign of it on national news?  CNN? MSNBC? Probably not because here (dare I say it!) we have brown people torturing a little old white lady which doesn’t fit the mainstream media narrative!

Before I get to one local story (very few posted photos of Montesa and Cortez), be sure to see my previous posts on elder abuse in the case of Billy Chemirmir who was allegedly   murdering elderly women in assisted living homes in Texas, and the case in North Carolina where a Guatemalan ‘caregiver’ was sexually assaulting vulnerable women in his care.

And, then there was the rape case at a nursing home in Seattle, see here.

Is there an epidemic of abuse, even murder, going on in American nursing homes?

We are constantly bombarded with news about vulnerable women and children crossing our southern border, but what about our own vulnerable senior citizens! Why aren’t we hearing about them!

From WGN9-TV,

Nursing home sued after video shows staff taunting elderly woman


GLENVIEW, Ill. — A Glenview nursing home was sued after caregivers posted Snapchat videos of themselves taunting a 91-year-old dementia patient.

Screenshot (1070)
Margaret Collins, a 91-year-old great-Grandmother was treated inhumanely by supposed nurse’s aides.

The short Snapchat video shows 91-year-old Margaret Collins who has dementia. In the video, it said “Margaret hates gowns!” with two laughing and crying emojis. It showed a certified nursing assistant repeatedly putting a hospital gown on top of an elderly woman while she tries to wave it away.

“You just can’t believe you’re seeing this,” Joan Biebel, Collins’ daughter, said. “You think your mom is safe and now this is going on. You’re just trying to figure out what the heck is happening here.”

The incident happened last December at the Abington of Glenview nursing and rehab center. Family members said staff knew that Collins did not like hospital gowns and preferred to wear her own clothes.

Brayan Cortez and Jamie Montesa were both charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Police said Cortez was in the video and Montesa recorded it and they said she told investigators she had recorded video of Collins in her wheelchair once before.

“If they’re in her room, they should’ve been there for a reason to help, her assist her, not to exploit her and threaten her and demean her and post it on social media,” Biebel said.

The Abington

Now, the family is suing the nursing home, its parent company and the workers. The lawsuit seeks more than a million dollar in damages.

Administrators said in a statement:

“The privacy and dignity of our residents are of the utmost concern at The Abington. Recently, two employees were immediately terminated when it was determined that they violated our standards and policies.”

Police reports said Cortez and Montesa did initially return to work after serving a six day suspension. The Illinois Department of Public Health reported administrators initially concluded the allegations were unfounded after co-workers vouched for the pair.

“This was a sick game that two CNAs tried to play for their own enjoyment and by filing this lawsuit and pursing this lawsuit we will prevent this from happening to other individuals in this facility, as well as other facilities across the state,” John Perconti, attorney, said.

The state found Abington failed to implement its abuse prevention policy. Family members moved Collins to another facility, but they say her health has deteriorated.

My best advice for any of you who must put your loved one in a nursing facility is to check it out carefully and visit often and without notice. If you can’t do that all the time, find friends and relatives who will visit the patient at odd hours.

And, even if your family member or friend has dementia, listen to them if they show signs of fear or complain in any way about their care.  (Finally someone listened in the North Carolina case!)  Perhaps even look into getting a camera for the room if you are suspicious about nurses, nurses aides, and others with access to your loved one.

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12 thoughts on “Illinois: Nursing Home Sued Over Abuse of Elderly Dementia Patient

  1. Unbelievable that we should even have to worry about this stuff. If anyone did that to my mom I’d want to kill them! Any word on their immigration status? (Another reason for E-Verify.) The filming of it puts me in mind of Abu Gharib. Of course it’s still not nearly as bad as an African coming here illegally and murdering 19 sweet old ladies!—twice as many as died in Dayton—!and it being suppressed by ALL the big newsmedia sources!!!

  2. What many people are not aware of is the fact that government programs for nurses assistants, CNA’s, home health workers are aimed at migrants to get them working in the system through community colleges. Grants are available for uneducated migrants in these skill areas and they are given “points” for being non-Caucasian, etc., so the majority of these workers will not be American. It is a sad state of affairs. I saw the full extent of this when I attended nursing classes.

    1. Not surprising, but really sorry that is happening. And, I’m wondering that since AARP is a Leftie political organization is anyone standing up for seniors in situations like this? Imagine if this were reversed and some poor old brown person was being humiliated and exploited like this by a couple of white twentysomethings, there would be all sorts of media and organizations coming to the brown person’s defense.

    2. CJ, Thank you for sharing this! That is info that should be shared with the attorney on this case and the daughter, as well as the American public at large.

      Sick people. They remind me of the people who peed on a mentally challenged person, filmed and laughed about it. I think that was Chicago too. It’s a killing zoo there. ALMOST as bad as Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore.

  3. Ann, This post is not showing up in my “Followed Sites” feed. I would not have known about it if I hadn’t gone directly to your site to find a post on Ilhan what’s her name so I could post a new video there. I did a refresh, just in case. NO CHANGE.

    I think you are being shadow-banned by WP.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I noticed last night that several people at facebook said the same thing, however hundreds more were able to get it just fine. I wish I understood how it all works (or doesn’t work!). Maybe it depends on which browser you are using. Is it possible that one of them has blocked Frauds and Crooks???

      1. Your comment above did not get reported to me either. I use Firefox, but that is not the issue.

        1. The only other thing that I can think of is that my guy who is helping me will soon (or already did!) move Frauds and Crooks off of the wordpress hosting. Or, the other possibility is that my work is being blocked elsewhere. Other people are getting it just fine. Hundreds commented after opening the link when I put the link on my facebook page, while a handful of people reported that the link didn’t open. I wish I knew what was happening!

  4. Here in NM they hire foreign nationals (Filipinos in this case) for night staff. One nurse had access to drugs, which she was taking for her own use and to medicate patients that might need attention during her shift. She was only one that I know of, but it does not paint a pretty picture. She was fired from another job but never prosecuted.

    It is amazing to me that the government allows all these foreign workers into the country under the pretense that they do jobs Americans won’t do. That is a bald-faced lie. The government subsidizes these foreign workers by paying the employers. I wonder whose brainstorm that was… another ethnic cleansing policy to destroy our culture & our nation.

    1. Good to hear! I saw both NBC and CBS reported it too. Maybe not on the TV, but at least in print. Now we have to get them to pay attention to the Kenyan Killer–Billy Chemirmir!

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