Nursing Assistant Arrested for Raping Disabled Woman in Care Facility

Senior citizens’ lives matter!

How many more of these sickening stories are out there?  How many more vulnerable women are being abused or murdered in their assisted living and nursing homes, places where family members assume they are being well-cared-for?
Once again, the creep’s name makes me wonder if he is a ‘new American.’  And, once again, I searched everywhere for a photo of 29-year-old Nshimiyiana O. Hamzat, but found none.
I did learn that Hamzat is a Nigerian name, and of course he could be born and bred right here, but somehow I doubt it.

From Fox News (hat tip: ManxCatsRule):

Nursing assistant caught on video raping disabled care-home resident: prosecutors

A Seattle nursing assistant was arrested earlier this month for allegedly repeatedly raping a 50-year-old disabled woman in his care at an assisted living facility, according to reports.

Foss nursing home
One of two facilities that employed Hamzat.

Nshimiyiana O. Hamzat, 29, was charged with first-degree rape, second-degree rape and indecent liberties after he was caught by a hidden camera placed in the room by the victim’s family, Seattle’s KIRO-TV reported.
The family reported the assaults to police and installed the camera after the victim told them she was being abused by Hamzat.
“The camera captured the defendant sexually assaulting her twice a day, on two different days. The videos did not capture the totality of the sexual abuse the victim suffered at the hands of the defendant,” prosecutors wrote in charging documents, according to KIRO.
Hamzat denied any wrongdoing and even after he was shown an alleged rape on video he claimed he was doing patient care.

More here where we learn he (a 29-year-old) actually owned one of the care homes involved.
If you have elderly or disabled family members in a care facility please keep a close eye on them (tip: show up to visit at odd hours), and even if they have developed some dementia listen to them as some finally did in that dreadful case in North Carolina, here.
Is Washington one of the states no longer releasing any mugshots?
Let me know if you find a photo of  Nshimiyiana O. Hamzat or find out anything about his nationality.

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10 thoughts on “Nursing Assistant Arrested for Raping Disabled Woman in Care Facility

  1. I’m still waiting for the motive in Virginia Beach. They’ve decided to outsource the investigation supposedly because the victims’ families don’t trust the local police or the town’s politicians. They originally said the reason for the delay in giving a motive was that it takes time to interview witnesses. I really believe that someone confiscated his computer and they know why he went on the killing spree. But it would be PC to say he was just mental.

    1. Please keep me updated. I’m glad someone is following this case. With other cases, I wish some local people would dig in (like this rape story) and actually get court docs and attend court hearings so we might know more especially since the local media isn’t doing its job!

  2. Hi Ann,
    If it wasn’t for you I would even know these horrible things were happening. Thank you again for sounding the alarm for all of us.
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    1. Thanks! My pleasure! Not! Actually if the local and national media were doing their jobs, I could retire!

    1. LOL! Of course! But, here is what I don’t get. Isn’t there anyone in that community willing to find out more about him, get a picture? Go to a court hearing and see him with their own eyes and then tell us what the police and media might be hiding.

  3. I work with Hamzat his really a good person, I can’t say anything bad about him. The client who accused him of rape and this is not first time she was accused someone of rape, and their is a humor the some nursing assistant over hear her and brother planning to accused someone of rape so they get a lot of attention to other people and she need money so she can go back to her apartment. Working with this client is my worst nightmare because her and the brother it’s so racist specially to other nurse who is black.

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