What We Lost When Trump Fired Jeff Sessions


 “He obsessed over the connection between crime and immigration, and he believed that Islam was an inherently violent religion.” 
(Andrew McCabe says of Jeff Sessions)

Trump and Sessions in Alabama
Sessions went out on a limb to become first US Senator to support the Trump presidential bid in early 2016.  https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/alabama-s-jeff-sessions-becomes-first-senator-endorse-trump-n527661

On the day after Trump’s big cave that will now allow more migration to your towns and cities, the Leftwing publication ‘Slate’ joyfully tells us about how the liar and fraud—former Deputy Director of the FBI Andy McCabe—described his former boss Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Of course this is meant to further denigrate a man who for decades fought tirelessly in the US Senate against amnesty for illegal aliens and was the first US Senator to back Donald Trump in his bid for the presidency.
From the hard Left Slate,

According to a Wall Street Journal review of the book, McCabe wrote in his book that Sessions was only interested in immigration issues. He obsessed over the connection between crime and immigration, and he believed that Islam was an inherently violent religion, according to the Post. When presented with a counterterrorism case, he would first ask where the suspect was born or where the suspect’s parents were from. “He blamed immigrants for nearly every societal problem and uttered racist sentiments with shocking callousness,” Miller concluded from McCabe’s book.
McCabe’s assessment is surprising in only that it comes so bluntly from a man who once was acting head of the FBI but now seems intent on speaking out against the men who made his professional and personal life so difficult for 10 months (before he was fired just hours before his planned retirement, blocking him from receiving his full pension benefits). Sessions has a long, long history of making racist and anti-immigrant comments, while also implementing racist and anti-immigrant policies.

You can go read more if you wish, but let me ask you, don’t you agree with Sessions’ assessments (here cast, of course, in the harshest of terms by Slate)?  You must, or you wouldn’t be reading my blog!

question markOne day maybe we will know if it was Jared (and his open borders business pals) who really wanted Sessions out of the way!  If Stephen Miller (who came to the Trump campaign with Senator Sessions) leaves the White House you will then know that the open borders (cheap labor) business lobby has succeeded. 
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4 thoughts on “What We Lost When Trump Fired Jeff Sessions

  1. Yes Ann but not too much he can do without GOP support…if he could split Dems maybe but they no longer care about working people…realignment needed but campaign finance laws make almost impossible…let me know when a I could visit you in person to do an interview…McConnell and McCarthy more powerful than Jared…Barr not so bad on immigration at least historically…
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    1. Let’s pick a time in March for an interview, maybe spring will be here!

  2. The problem Sessions recused himself and disappeared on everything else and let McCabe, Mueller, Rosenstein, Strok, Page, etc. contiue to attack Trump. He opposed Trump on many other policy issues.
    He should have said he would recuse himself and became the secretary of something else while someone else became the attorney general, say Ann Coulter.

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