Health and Human Service's Fugitives from Justice: all New Americans?

This is a very cool website!
But, it shows what suckers we Americans are!
Below are the Top Ten fugitives from justice at the Office of Inspector General at the Dept. of Health and Human Services.
Some individually ripped-off Medicare and Medicaid to the tune of millions of dollars, collectively the number must exceed a billion.  HHS lists 170 who have escaped justice and are in hiding or have fled the country and returned to their home country.
What do you notice about the top ten?  All are foreigners who were in the US busily setting-up scam operations!

Top ten fugitives
This is a screenshot. Go to the website and click on the links beneath each picture to see what these foreign scammers stole from us and how they did it.

I looked up the ‘bios’ for a few of the top ten:
Slepak is in Russia.
Onajobi is in Nigeria.
Moreira is in Spain.
And, Tilong is in Cameroon.

Of course what I most want to know (but we are never told!) is how they got into the US (presumably legally!) in the first place!

I have said this before, but I am convinced someone could build an entire political campaign around finding and bringing to justice frauds, crooks and criminals.
By the way, if you are new to Frauds and Crooks, know that one fun thing to do is to use the language of the Left whenever you can.
One of their favorite phrases for you to co-opt is “new American!”  Watch for it, they (and their media lackeys) use it everywhere in place of the word “immigrant” or “refugee.”
The word “refugee” previously had a positive connotation, but got tainted over the last few years. Gee, I wonder why!
So, they needed new positive-sounding words, thus “new American.”
They never use the word “alien” and they sure don’t want to hear the word “foreigner.”

question markSo what do you do? Use the words “foreigner,” “alien” or “illegal alien” (or “illegal immigrant”) when appropriate and definitely have fun with “new American!”


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