Minnesota again! Dangerous Mix: Drugs, Guns and New Americans

This is a diversity is beautiful alert thanks to reader Bob!
KIMT3 News:


ROCHESTER, Minn. – An apparent robbery attempt left a female bleeding from the face and three people behind bars on burglary and assault charges.

Ngor Mabor (left), Nelson Soro (middle) and Mohamed Mohamed

Rochester Police said at 9:53 p.m. Thursday, police responded to a home invasion report at 3031 Towne Club Pkwy.
Police say a 19-year-old resident set up a marijuana buy with 18-year-old Nelson Soro. When Soro showed up, 5-6 people, including two with guns, allegedly rushed into the apartment. Police aren’t sure what was taken from the residence.
Police say the female was hit over the head with a hard object and was taken to St. Mary’s.

At least one of those arrested is a new American, a likely Somali refugee or an offspring of a refugee.
On a personal note: When I traveled throughout the US in 2016, I was in the vicinity of Rochester on the way to Owatonna (both refugee resettlement locations) and I pulled into a highway rest area and much to my surprise Somali Muslim women were lined up ostentatiously praying on the lawn at the rest area.  Needless-to-say, for an easterner, it was a shocking site.

question markWhat can you do? Make sure that news like this from Minnesota gets around to your communities especially in the eastern US because most people have no idea about how far gone Minnesota is already!


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6 thoughts on “Minnesota again! Dangerous Mix: Drugs, Guns and New Americans

  1. Oh look! 3 more New American ObamaSons!
    The only thing you missed in your headline is Gangs.

  2. It is sad that these cultures come to America but have no American value system, i.e., Christian value system. The Muslims will never integrate, it would end their religion…..

    1. I think, for many of them, it is also the fact that they paid no real price to come here, or to stay here. I think this could easily be corrected by requiring mandatory military enrollment at a certain age, including, but not limited to, the National Guard. Learn to think of someone other than yourself for a change.
      Unfortunately it is often a disease of the young, and those who never grew up. The Me, Me, Me Syndrome.

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