Is Obama's Task Force on New Americans still a working plan?

A reader just reminded me of Obama’s propaganda initiative to plant the idea that refugees and immigrants bring the joys of diversity and economic good times to cities welcoming migrants of all stripes.

task force on new americans
Download before it disappears!

You might want to dismiss this as old news and not worth remembering, but if you recall at the time, Obama’s Task Force on New Americans was a government-wide plan that they wanted to place into the DNA of federal, state, and local governments presumably by setting policies, electing officials and planting employees who would carry out the agenda long after Obama was gone from the White House.
Here they are bragging about their successes in 2015:

On November 21, 2014, the President established the White House Task Force on New Americans—a government-wide effort tasked with better integrating immigrants and refugees into American communities. Want to get more details about the Task Force’s recommendations? Read the strategic action plan here.
In 2015, the Task Force has been busy implementing recommended actions and highlighting local models of success.

(Don’t miss the action plan! You might want to download it before it disappears!)
Continue here and you will see that they had (have!) some key initiatives. One was to tell the stories (via their media friends) of successful refugees and immigrants—they love stories—to bring the general public to their point of view that all immigration is a net positive for America.
Another was (is!) to spearhead a citizenship drive to get as many immigrants voting as they possibly could (can!). All, of course, under the rubric that this was all about “integration.”
As was intended, these initiatives continue to be promoted and it is much of the reason I wanted to write this blog as my small attempt to balance the news you read—-heck we can tell stories too!
Problem is that we don’t do it often enough—tell the not-so-sweet stories about what diversity often brings to America!
I’m posting this information from the ‘Welcoming Communities’ plan below for your future reference (and in case it is scrubbed!).

screenshot (14)

screenshot (15)
Don’t ask me why this second list leaves out a few locations?  Maybe they quit after the map was produced!

Let me be clear! These initiatives did not go away when Obama did!


If you live in any of those “welcoming” locations, are you keeping an eye on your elected officials and speaking up?question mark


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4 thoughts on “Is Obama's Task Force on New Americans still a working plan?

  1. Absolutely it is an extant program, Ann! And, it was started in 2006 under BUSH. “tizenship at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), serves as Chair of the Task Force’s technical committee. Since it was established more than three years ago, the Task Force has worked to develop interagency initiatives to help immigrants settle in their new country and maximize the use of federal resources in promoting integration. ” This sounds so kind, and so good-hearted- but I think we both know it’s a bamboozle – misused, misappropriated, hypocritical & it’s intentions aren’t what it’s ostensible goals purport to be. This program should have been a nation’s well-intentioned plan for real refugees displaced by large wars (WWII of course being the original refugee placement starter) & it’s become a giant people-mover for the entire 3rd world to be re-homed in the 1st world. ON YOUR DIME.
    This whole thing need be scrubbed, trashed- and the American People be allowed- encouraged, even, to make contributions- monetary, whatever, to organizations that assist these persons. To TAKE from the American workers earnings- via the US Treasury (taxes) and call it “charity” or humanitarianism is evil. They literally are funded through your Federal taxes taken out of your earnings, then they pat themselves on the back for all the “work they do helping others” they should be thanking the Americans who fund these programs. And they need stop calling it a charity, or donations- because no one donated voluntarily- at least not through the Federal funding.
    And Ann- as I wrote you earlier via email, a LOT of this stuff going on- programs for refugees, asylees, “Community Grants” and other handouts programs are *not* on the internet, at least not where ordinary people would find them- that is, one particular program that was in my area wasn’t on the internet at ALL- only a vague reference made concerning it in Univ. of Arizona’s newsletter PDF, some data is hidden behind paywalls or only in research papers accessible only by certain entities. The program I just referenced was a mobile “free medical testing unit” under the aegis of the university, the wording on the mobile unit was all in Spanish- and the reference to it online (in a pdf, mind you, accessible only to those who subscribe) did not use the wording/title that was on the medical unit itself- if that makes sense. I would have loved to have received a free medical exam and “health assessment”- wouldn’t you? and to my home- I don’t have to go anywhere or make an appointment. What a life some people live, they have it so easy.
    Please, people- don’t send me angry replies about how some people deserve special treatment because they’ve had a rough life- tough times is a subjective term.
    but will say it again, and keep this in mind, “research” is only as good as your sources, and there is a plethura of programs and stuff going on in each community you will *not* find online, because it was never put there. To do real research you have to get out, and do some footwork. This is not for you Ann but my advice to anyone. We as a people should have all access to where our tax money is going- that’s what makes America great,. that it’s run by the people for the people- not some secret government using our money and hiding where it goes, or using our money to fund programs that do not benefit our nation or it’s people.

    1. To paraphrase your excellent post. There are millions of American citizens who justifiably need ‘help and support- free medical health-checks and medication, etc, etc, etc.’ Who are not getting those things. In other words you already have your own ‘refugees’ who should be ‘serviced’ and by dint of them already being Americans, ought to be given every consideration before you accept any more invading poor from ANYWHERE in the world – least of all if like the invading Muslims who simply insist on bring with them their own Laws which they are DETERMINED to impose on the largely unsuspecting and generous but nieve residents.

  2. The largely naive and unsuspecting American public, their towns and villages, their local Governments and now their central Government are being invaded by a multiple of latter-day Trojan Horses. There is some reasonable chance that the non-Muslim arrivals within the bellies of these horses will, by dint of them being of Judeo/Christian parentage, find their way to integrating with the ‘indigenous population’ (if they are let-loose within the land) and might well in time respect its existing Laws and character. However, the only way the Muslim immigrants will integrate will be via the device of their alterations to the American Constitution, (if indeed the Constitution survives at all – about which I have great doubts.). Already we can see in America, even from the distance of my home country, the U.K., how vociferous and largely divisive the new ‘crew’ of Muslim voices are in their pursuit of the Islamic/Muslim cause, not I hasten to add, the American Cause, but the ’cause of Islam. How loud will be the voice of Islam in but a few short years? How long will,the erosion of your Judeo/Christian chracter survive? Questions, questions………But be sure of one thing – ‘The game’s afoot……’ . Prepare to ‘close the WALL up with your American casualties, that emerging new breed of dispossessed, the religiously dithering masses, who will be overrun by the militant Islamic minority before you even have time to learn a few words of Arabic to confirm your submission. Happy days Ann!

  3. Old post, I know, but I wanted to say we moved from High Point, NC (number 22 on the map) last year. It had gotten so ‘diverse’ it was becoming unlivable; near constant sirens, crime, hajibs, etc. My daughter was one of 5 white kids in her grade (and, yes, the schools are terrible, but most NC schools are). It was so bad, culturally, that even my liberal leaning, I’m-not-a-racist wife was uncomfortable.
    Now we live in a small town full of heritage Americans where the Rebel flag flies. No crime, no hajibs and no espanol.
    (I bet the SPLC would love this comment!)

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