Thank the President!

Update: See a long list of the Trump Administration’s accomplishments !

While it is still up, send a comment to President Donald Trump and thank him for all he has done for America!

Click here.

And, next week after King Joe and Queen Kamala are coronated tell them what you think too—it is a peaceful way to protest!  No threats or they will come looking for you!

(LOL! Assuming they don’t take down the comment form!).

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22 thoughts on “Thank the President!

  1. Done! Send to our President, thanking him for all the wonderful things he has done for our Country! More solid good than any other P over the past decades?? 100+ years?

    It wasn’t until the Administration of President Trump that our eyes were opened to how deep, all encompassing, thorough the corruption exists in our government, how very deep and really dirty the DEEP STATE is!!

    I encouraged President Trump to continue his fight to restore our country to what it ought to be, no matter what is said or done against him. He has shown himself over his terms to be a very courageous man!

    I think the best thing to happen on January 20th is the ALMOST NO ONE SHOWS UP!!

    Bless you!

      1. Thank you Mr President for all what you worked hard and challenged for. I am with you all the way!! We will be here and we will have an influence somehow, we just need to create and plan for what to do!! Thank you again for a great four years. We love you.

      1. I hope you all are telling the President that directly on the White House comment line!

    1. Thank you, Mr. President! You are an amazing man! Please get the new party formed and start campaigning! Make their existence totally miserable for the next four years!!! Pay back is a b***h!

  2. President Donald Trump: Thanks for all you did, and all you tried to do. Sorry about your plight. Keep growing in the Lord Jesus, and who knows what He will do next. Donald Guerrettaz

  3. I am sure that president Kamala will be reading all the old contacts with President Trump so be sure to let President Trump know that we wish he was going to be there instead of the current hoard of locusts. A bit more diplomatically of course.

  4. I have sent my letter in . Great suggestion!
    You can fake votes but you can fake support. Let’s show the real support that is out there for President Trump with your letters .

  5. President Trump: Thank you for all that you have sacrificed for the American people, for persevering through the endless hate and ridiculous impeachments and court battles, traitors, utter disrespect and demonization. Amidst all of that, you accomplished so many good things for ALL of the American people. So sad that many couldn’t see it. You deserve 4 more years, the American people deserve 4 more years! Godspeed ❤️

  6. Thank you President Trump and First Lady, you have done more for Americans than any other office. I will always be a solid supporter.

  7. Thank, thank you, thank you! Promises made, promises kept. You. are the best president in a LONG time. You will be missed sir! At least half the coubtry is in mourning and fearful. God bless you in your future endeavors.

  8. Thank President Trump for being the American people’s president and all that you’ve done for so many! Thank you for looking out for our interest’s and not selfishly looking out for your own the way that so many people do who work in government positions! You’re the best President of my lifetime! I will always pray for you and your family! May God bless you always!

    1. I hope all of you are expressing these same words of thanks directly to the comment line at the White House!

  9. President Trump,
    Thank you for all you have done for this nation. You indeed were Gods modern day David and your love for this country has not gone unnoticed by so many.
    You pulled the cover off of evil for everyone to see.
    Going forward I pray you continue to work for this nation in some capacity as you are so needed.
    God Bless you and you family
    And may you days be filled with the glory of almighty God. What an honor to call you my President.
    Thank you Sir.

  10. to my president and your family i voted for you on 2016 on my birthday and again in 2020, i will miss seeing you on tv and your speeches it breaks my heart what the dems/liberals have done to you and your family, i wished to have you as president for 4 more years but i guess god has other plans what im afraid of is for my children and grandchildren what will happen i dont care about myself but im worried for them but you did your best and thats all i can ask from you. may god be with you and your family love from my family to yours

  11. This is the longest list I’ve seen. That he could do all this with the media shrieking, Congress hounding him, and deep state actors doing everything possible to derail him is almost unbelievable.

  12. God bless you President Trump. You have done so many GOOD for this country. God is by your side and he has something bigger and better for you.
    We will never have a President again as you were.

  13. You are the best president the United States ever had. Without you in office I worry for the future of our country. Please stay involved.

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