God Bless the USA!

As this dreadful week ends, let’s wrap-up with this. Shared by a Facebook follower (I have been putting my recent posts on my Refugee page there).

Ignore the Fox News label! This was produced in July when we thought Fox was on the side of patriotic country class Americans and President Donald Trump.

Brings tears to my eyes…

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13 thoughts on “God Bless the USA!

  1. Have not watched For since the owners kids took over as they are socialist justice democrats who do not believe in freedom and liberty. Sad day in the U S

  2. To cancel Fox News is to also cancel Hannity & Carlson. Is that what we want? I have not taken Fox off my cable lineup but I took off CNN and the NBC outlets.

    1. No problem checking in with Fox from time to time. I’m enjoying Newsmax. Wish I could get One America News, but can’t.

    2. If viewers cancel their Fox News then just MAYBE Tucker and Sean will leave too and set up shop at another outlet such as Newsmax or Oann or start their own.

      To keep viewership with them is just perpetuating their ability to tell us what we can watch, think and hear.

      1. Obviously I think for myself, am not influenced by Bret Baer, Chris Wallace get al. The left wants Fox OFF THE AIR – PERIOD; don’t aid and abet them.

  3. Thank you, thank you for posting this. Absolutely marvelous. Tears in my eyes too.

  4. Bless you Ann for all you do and all you care about. You are making a difference and I hope you will see your rewards in this world and in heaven.

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