Tucker Carlson: Big Tech Censors Busier Than Ever

In case you missed it, Tucker Carlson had a great opening monologue last night about how Google and Facebook are, more than ever, blocking your ability to see anything that goes against the Leftwing narrative about Donald Trump’s presidency and especially his handling of the Chinese Virus panic.

Normally I try not to post information that is widely available, but you need to see this (surprisingly as of this writing it has only 122 views).

I was especially interested in the discussion with Breitbart editor Alex Marlow that begins at the 9:40 mark where he explains how the tricky b******* at Google have limited Breibart’s reach.


And, I guess you have already seen how the Leftwing media has viciously attacked the African doctor speaking on the video that was taken down yesterday.  Just a reminder that ALL Black Lives Do Not Matter!   Clearly, she is one African immigrant the Left would love to deport!

And, one more thing.  I have argued for years that you all should consider setting up blogs and websites of your own.  You know if Biden wins that most alternative media will be wiped out, probably me too.  But, I’m thinking if thousands of you are blogging, they might not be able to silence everyone.

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5 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson: Big Tech Censors Busier Than Ever

  1. Hello Ann Corcoran,

    I just now viewed and listened to the Video: Tucker Carlson: Big Tech Censors Busier Than Ever

    He touched on several things that I concluded several weeks ago. And one of those items is censorship by Google; and the comments about Facebook and Twitter are right on!
    This affects all of us who actually still care what happens to the United States.

    For me personally, as I have a FORUM Website which is built around the topics which include those discussed by you, Leo Hohmann, and of course, Tucker Carlson.

    I know for a fact that my site – as little and insignificant as it is compared to many others – my site was censored with regard to the Search Engines. And of course, Google is the biggest, most powerful search engine there is for any content on the internet.

    What I said in the above paragraph to this one, is exactly why I feel your advice to your readers to form their own Blogs, Websites, and Forums, etc. – although good of you to say so – is probably not going to result in anything positive for any of us who have tried or are trying currently to get the “word” out to people who still could bring a positive result for the November 2020 Presidential Election; but unfortunately we are probably never going to be able to reach these individuals!

    Tucker Carlson is one of the VERY FEW who has an opportunity to do so. But as to “ability” to do so? Just look at the number of “views” for his Video! That number should tell everyone of us that even Tucker Carlson is having a tough time to get the “word” out! If it were not for Fox News, well …. his efforts would be reduced to practically zero!

    Politics and world conditions and the stuff going on in my country (the U.S.) never used to “get to me” – but in ever since the election of 2008, I am becoming more and more depressed, with a gut feeling we are fast approaching the “end” of the United States as we know it!


    P.S. I didn’t take the time to Proof Read my comments above, so please excuse errors in grammar and spelling!

    1. Hi Dave, I know. At RRW I used to get thousands of hits a day—up to 15,000 sometimes—but not any more. Now the subject isn’t so hot these days so that contributes to the lack of interest to perhaps a great degree, but I know that google (and others perhaps) have put RRW on a blacklist somewhere. Frauds and Crooks still has some readers, but every time I think, time for me to pack it in, I hear from someone whose life I have touched in even a small way and I keep at it.

      I don’t know anyone who is not a little (most are a lot) discouraged, but I also know that we can’t all curl up in fetal positions and cry. I wish I had a magic potion to make sure it doesn’t “get to any of us,” but I don’t. I can only repeat what I have said for a decade — find some small thing to do every day that advances our cause. It might be talking to a neighbor, writing a letter to the editor, attending a town hall meeting (if there are any in the age of covid). Or, researching some small govt. program or policy and writing about it every day on some tiny blog that reaches 20 people. And, have some faith! P.S. And, don’t forget to make sure you take care of yourself and your family on all fronts—mentally and physically. I don’t know if you believe in a God, I do, and I know he wants you and me to treasure the life we have been given.

  2. From WallStreet on Parade ” The President wants to include in the bill $1.75 billion to build a new FBI building in Washington, D.C. “

  3. Just on the topic of the black African physician who testified at the Covid physicians’ press conference on Capitol Hill: not long after watching the video I came across the Inside Edition TV program, basically presenting her as flaky voodoo queen flunky of the President’s, focussing only on her overexcited passion and her (irrelevant) personal religious beliefs, especially her supposed belief in a “spirit world”, and basically laughing at her. It was clearly racist, in that classic Liberal, giggling, winking, dog-whistle way. I didn’t see anyone else at the conference mentioned–just her. Every single TV show, every news broadcast, every channel, every hour, every day, without exception, they always take the same line on everything Trump and all his supporters and fellow conservatives say and do: that it’s stupid, crazy, ignorant, racist and dangerous. It’s actually stunningly uniform and undifferentiated. I’ve never seen anything like it in this country, even in the ultra-liberal 60’s and 70’s. It’s repellant and nauseating, even shocking, even to an old cynic.

    1. The Left is extremely well-trained and on that front we will never catch up to them. I remain hopeful that our people see through it. Which reminds me, they have been indoctrinating our kids in schools, so I don’t understand why our side isn’t simply advocating for homeschooling now with this perfect excuse to get the kids away from the Leftist teachers.

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